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Capitalone360 Savings/Moneymarket Check Deposit Issues

Sevenpercent | | 17 posts since 2015

Does anyone here ever deposit checks online into a CapitalOne360 savings or money market account? I occasionally do and for almost a month straight their system hasn't been working. They said to either mail it or use their mobile app, but I specifically want to use the online deposit function.

This has happened in the past a few other times, but it's usually fixed much sooner. Anyone else have issues with their online check deposit system? It seems like this happens way too often for a relatively large bank...

JazzManAtHeart | | 4 posts since 2012
I have had a issue trying to deposit my personal check with CapitalOne360. It would try to upload the image of the check then they would give me the message "please try again later". I have used this service in the past with no problems. Tried it again the next day, and the same results occurred. Finally I deposited through another online bank. I too find this very annoying from such a prestigious bank as CapitalOne360. I hope they get their act together fast, or I may just get use to putting my monies in the other bank.
Sevenpercent | | 17 posts since 2015
Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one affected by it. It's funny that it seems like a hassle to use the drive through of a brick and mortar bank with the ability to do so much online now... If things are working correctly at least.

Each time this has happened I make sure to call them so they know there's a customer unable to use their system as it's designed to be used.
Sevenpercent | | 17 posts since 2015
I'm guessing most here use other means for deposits (ACH transfers, mobile app) since there have been no replies. Maybe that's why they are taking their time to fix the problem.

Switching to another slightly better interest rate savings account is a strong consideration for me due to this.
Saver5 | | 12 posts since 2015
Try Alliant Credit Union. I use their online scanning of checks infrequently; it is reliable. There is a $50,000 limit on checks that can be scanned. Their savings and checking rates are competitive (1.0% and 0.65% respectively.)
Sevenpercent | | 17 posts since 2015
Thanks for the recommendation. Not the first time I've seen good things said about Alliant Credit Union. I'll certainly keep them in mind if CapitalOne360 keeps disappointing.
gbtexas | | 55 posts since 2013
Also, strictly for on line banks only, Ally has proved reliable for me. Also, they allow relatively large mobile deposits. For brick and mortar banks, Capital One (not 360) and Chase Bank are very reliable. The only problem with Chase is that they have a 5,000 restriction.
Sevenpercent | | 17 posts since 2015
Having a similar issue again. It's leaving me stuck on "verify image upload" both last week and this week.

Anyone else unable to make an online deposit currently?