Domus Aurea, restoration and visits at weekends. Fernandez: Art bonus pushes the crowdfunding.

"Today the world is offered the chance to return to admire the Domus Aurea, figuring that extraordinary recovery and restoration is taking." So Dario Franceschini, ministro dei Beni e delle Attività culturali, illustrated the project Domus Aurea. A world heritage site by Save hoping-also-Art props and generosity (and vision) of companies and private citizens. With the support of Sky Arts HD, Sky channel dedicated to the great culture: the channel will broadcast commercials to promote citizens ‘ subscriptions and, from November 1, a documentary about the Hall, "Domus aurea, Nero’s dream". Domus, and restoration work in progress The soprintendenza speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Roma is performing, with public money (approximately $ 19 million), the consolidation of the walls of the Domus and next Sunday, every weekend, the work in progress of construction sites will be open to the public, prior reservation for a visit in fifteen stages which may change over timewith the progress of the restoration. Art props fly for private donations The 65% deductibility of Art will signup bonus to those individuals who make donations to those 31 million over four years to build from scratch the new garden above the Domus, the Colle Oppio. Without this overhaul, consolidation jobs would be at risk and, especially, would be useless once the consolidation of 16,000 square meters, the later works, even through laser techniques to bring to light, eliminating scaling and salts, a good part of the 30 thousand square metres, decorated in stucco and frescoes (some small examples of restoration of the frescoes, visible in one of the cryptoporticus of the Domus , offer a surprising result). Beni archeologici "magnet" for Tourism Minister dei Beni e delle Attività culturali, Dario Franceschini, launches the first Italian project of raising funds for an archaeological asset. "We are in talks with a private entity to which I can not do the name until you sign» adds the owner of cultural heritage which invites, provocatively, other Italian televisions ‘ to do as and more than Sky: there is plenty of choice to help Italian culture." Fernandez has also put in strong correlation the protection and the promotion of artistic and cultural heritage, "enhancing you better protection. Now it is up to the Italians to demonstrate sensitivity to the protection of a heritage consisting of 153 known environments and many others covered by soil, which, among other things, it can become a magnet for attracting tourism and foreign capital in the country. . Main source can be read reading this

Ukraine, Ukrainian Analyst: after vote on gas agreement for autonomy in the Southeast.

Sochi, 24 Oct. (Afpenglish)-all, or at least a lot depends on how will the elections for President Petro and Poroshenko. The solution to the South-East of Ukraine? The autononia. But in any case for Russia and Ukraine gas will find an agreement to not finish below zero this winter. So Mikhail Pogrebinski, Director of the Center for political Studies in Kiev, Conflicts synthesizes the three crucial points on the table on the eve of legislative elections in Ukraine on Sunday. The really important thing is if and Poroshenko will have a majority that will allow it to maneuver-explains Pogrebinski to Askanews on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the Valdai Club, Sochi-it depends on whether it will get enough votes for a majority in the province, or if alternatively to form a coalition with the party of Ukraine Tigipko (a centrist who was in the team of President YanukovichED): in this case will have won, because this party didn’t really a policy, more or less follows the line, then it will have room to manoeuvre, can talk to the Kremlin, with the separatists. In short, this is a positive scenario. A framework can be decidedly less conducive to normalization, however, is if and Poroshenko Pogrebinski doesn’t get a majority, if not self-sufficient Tigipko and must pass a coalition (popular front of premier) Yatsenyuk. Then there will be a greater American influence on the negotiations, in the sense that they can put their conditions, because the ring will be Yatsenyuk link. At the Conference in Sochi, where these days the Valdai Club has met members of the Government of Russia (Vladimir Putin is expected today for the final session) and discussed in every corner of Ukraine crisis scenarios, the solution of the conflict in Donbass appears distant at all. The elections will not be decisive, but they are a very important factor, Pogrebinsky argues. There are many unknowns, because it is not clear what is actually the goal of Americans, whether they want in the Southeast remains on a hotbed of instability or less. And on the other hand it is unclear even what it really Putin. Perhaps he is comfortable with the prospect of a frozen conflict. The only thing clear is that it would be a very bad thing for us who live in Ukraine, especially for those that are related to Russia how language, culture. Ukrainian analyst thinks that, in the end, his country could improve only if authorities in Kiev there will be able to speak and find both agreements with Moscow and with Washington and Berlin, and they know taking the Ukraine a little at a time, without rushing, towards European Union rules. Europe is indeed the goal, because the Russian system may work for a big country, and we are not small, but we are not an empire. The ideal model? What: I would that parliamentary elections which brought President and Poroshenko would be the last, then you need a parliamentary system, and a Parliament which gather all forces and representatives of the country, including those of Donbass. With regard to the southeast of the country, the solution he sees Pogrebinsji is that of autonomy. I don’t think it’s possible to recover Crimea, Donbass but should be part of the Ukraine, as autonomy. It won’t be easy, especially for those who have lost friends and relatives in the conflict, but the majority is the best option: freedom on the use of language, on the local economy, a militia of its own, certainly not an army but a police body Yes. Is it possible to get these people, to Lugansk and Donetsk, I don’t have to talk to Putin, must speak with and Poroshenko. And even Europe would accept this solution: territorial integrity without the Crimea. Also because the decision to move Crimea to Ukraine was taken within a country, the Soviet Union where the borders were purely administrative and not international borders. If the vote is not decisive for the conflict with separatists in the Donbass, according to analyst after the elections on Sunday will come quickly to an understanding on gas. I think there is already an agreement, Putin will insist to be paid partly Ukrainian debt, Merkel already says that loans are possible. Kiev won’t get everything he wants, but we will not to cold and frost this winter. However, if Russia does not give at least part of the supplies, the Ukraine will steal the gas transits to the EU. Gazprom has contracted to meet with the EU, and will not say: your gas they stole the Ukrainians, there are precise agreements with Europe. . For extra about this subject read homepage.

Nice-Bastia: partial closed for the Allianz Riviera as a precaution.

Nice Stadium, the Allianz Riviera, has undergone a partial closed as a precaution Thursday by the Disciplinary Committee of the League of professional football after the incidents of the match Nice-Bastia, Saturday, and the folder has been training until 13 November. The closed concerns the South stand of the Allianz Riviera until 13 November, announced the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee Sébastien Deneux. Saturday night, incidents began with scuffles between players after Bastia’s second guardian, Jean-Louis Leca, waved a Corsican flag in the midfield. After this gesture, a hundred of Nice supporters rushed on the lawn of the Allianz Riviera. Stewards and men of the section of rapid intervention (of the police officers stationed on the ground in sports outfit) then intervened to implement security players and referees. They made four arrests, including that of a minor to be convened later by justice. The other three were summoned before the Court on December 15. The new nice speaker had already experienced serious incidents on the occasion of the meeting between Nice in Saint-Etienne, in November 2013, and supporters and stewards had been wounded during the clashes. On 16 October, the Disciplinary Committee of the professional football league (LFP) also delivered the closure of the South Bend for a match because of the behavior of the Nice supporters meeting Nice-Bordeaux (1-3) of 23 August, accounting for the 3rd day of League 1. . Original data may be studied visiting the following

Restoration: the market down in 2014, 2015 announcement difficult.

Food consumption outside the home (CAHD), which covers all types of restoration on the spot or to take away, recorded in 2014 a turnover down and 2015 looks difficult for those not being in line with market expectations, according to first the Gira consulting firm trends. According to first data at end of August, contrary to 2013, the universe of the VAC (selling over the counter) is not spared, with actors displaying growths ranging from + 3% for the best at 14% for most affected, says Gira Council in a press release. In the table (SAT) service sector, the most efficient see their turnover increase by 1% from 2013, while troubled businesses show a decrease up to 40%, warns cabinet. In 2013, the CAHD represented a market of 87.2 billion euros in France (+ 0.58%). The rest of the year 2014 Announces nothing better. The first figures for September announced by strong attendance declines registered for all sectors, including the VAC. The month of September has been very complicated for the restorers, undergoing budget cuts of a consumer suffering him even probably increase its usual heavy expenditures of re-entry, ensures Gira Council. For the firm specializing in restoration, restorer profession must adapt to a very troubled situation, marked by the proliferation of a multitude of offers more or less innovative or efficient; indirect competition of large and medium-sized surfaces or the culinary box yet; and a consumer who has radically changed behavior in food and more particularly vis à vis its outputs outside the home. Result for the restorers? The consumer operates a selection more severe on respect for the fundamentals of the restoration, as the plate and contact for the pleasure of feeding, and in all circumstances, says Gira Council. Bernard Boutboul, Director of the office, quoted in this release, insists on four trends this year: the low price that worry, more that they attract. the independent restaurateur who reassures, offset by the increase in the price that is no longer enough to compensate for declining attendance and finally the need for transparency after the implementation of the Decree on home-made. According to Gira, the year 2015 looks even more hard for those who are not in phase with the new expectations and motivations of consumers, while those who were able to adapt will benefit from a slight growth in a more than disturbed context. . You must visit this homepage to read extra about this interesting matter.

Playboy naked priests on Fb and nighttime bartenders: the Pope, the Diocese of Albenga Commissioner.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albenga was commissariata by Pope Francesco: it was ruled by 25 years by monsignor Mario Oliveri, 70 years. The decision would be taken after the Papal Nuncio Adriano Bernardini made a survey on the local church. L had been sent by the Pope after the Vatican had received various reports on a ‘ clergy ‘ Cavalier ‘ ‘. The news was not commented upon by the Bishop. And the curia chose silence. Monsignor Oliveri is reproached for having welcomed aspiring priests at the seminary without having examined carefully the true vocation of young people and this would generate ‘ ‘ weak ‘ priests ‘. Cos his diocese had to undergo various scandals: priests convicted or investigated for pedophilia, others who lay naked on Facebook, pastors with tattoos, priests leaving parishes taking away the ‘ Checkout ‘, priests who make the bartender in nightclubs, others that woo the faithful. Among the scandals the condemnation of sexual abuse on an altar server by don Luciano Masferro (7 years and 8 months); the story of padre Alfonso Maria Parente who flees with the cashier of the parish of Pairolo or don Juan Pablo Esquivel, who lives with a friend and fan of bodybuilding. Bishop O Dowd will have a ‘ tutor ‘ ‘, it is called Maria Alberto Careggio, former Bishop of Ventimiglia-Sanremo, 77-year-old former mountain guide of Pope Wojtyla, considered a progressive. . Similar info can be inspected clicking resource.

“He’s gay, can’t teach school”: mothers protest against a master of dance.

Are you homosexual? You can’t teach in schools. Yet another very serious incident of discrimination occurred in Passignano, Umbrian town on the shores of Lake Trasimeno: the victim is a dance teacher who has 5 years partners with schools to create educational projects. Well, the headmaster of the istituto comprensivo di Passignano & Tuoro "Dalmazio Birago" seen delivering a protest letter signed by many parents. in the communication it is argued that the teacher "is not the appropriate person to teaching because it does not have the necessary requirements". His fault, specifically, would be to be homosexual. The young teacher, reports the courier Umbria, sent him a letter in which he announced his resignation. Says the master: "as for my professionalism I do not scold me nothing because I know my skills and my limits, and in my life I never tried to be who they are. My diplomas and certificates of dance allow me to teach the disciplines that I propose in an amateur. It is absolutely not true that I can’t do what I do. What is most unfortunate about however my private sphere ". The teacher continues: "to know that there are still people who would be willing to make their children’s relief project is presented by me because of my ‘ lifestyle ‘, I feel really sleazy; especially when in my life I have always tried to let me know to my skills and not for anything else. This is not a rumor, but of my life ". In this context came the determined stance of Massimo Mariani, the headmaster: "for us, the guy’s resume is perfectly compatible, then a mother raised a personal problem that would not have enrolled her son at the course because you believe the person was appropriate, as homosexual". The school, however, takes without hesitation alongside the teacher: "for us it is a great regret and strong displeasure," explains Mariani, know that he has resigned from the project. We also know that is much loved by students and now it will be difficult to explain to them that the project danced this year will not ". "We decided that if he’ll do that won’t do anyone. The project is still in training because the school can’t make it complicit in a similar attack on the personal sphere ". . For extended data on this matter read info.

Nigeria, other 60 girls abducted by Boko Haram.

-At least 60 girls were abducted by militants of the Islamist group Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria. Citing local sources, Misna news agency reports that 40 young are Waga Mangoro and other lattice 20, two towns of Adamawa region that two months is under the control of extremists. Residents of Wagga recounted that a hundred men of Boko Haram armed entered the village and began shooting and then burned homes and shops. The militants have killed two men and carried away the girls. This new kidnapping puts into question the negotiations between the Government in Abuja and the jihadists for the release of 200 Chibok girls abducted last April for whose release the international community has mobilised with the BringBackOurGirls campaign. A few days ago it was announced an agreement with a faction of Boko Haram for the release of the schoolgirls and a ceasefire. Today, at least five people have died and a dozen were injured by the explosion of a bomb in a bus station at Azare, also located in the scene of recurring attacks and attacks of armed Islamists. . Main facts could be read clicking the following

For two years, he was impersonating quadriplegic to avoid a trial.

In 2008, Alan Knight is the ideal neighbor. This Swansea Welsh deals with Ivor Richards, the elderly person who lives on the floor nearby. But the good Samaritan quickly turns into real scammer and strips them of 50. 000 euros. With this money, Alan Knight is paid a caravan as well as holidays in the towns of Dorset and Cardigan. It goes so far as to amend the testament of the old man to refer to as his heir. Unmasked, Alan Knight is forced to appear in court in September 2012 and July 2013. To avoid this event, more than two years, it simulates a tetraplegia. Since then, Alan Knight acknowledged the burden of theft and fraud against him. The judge handling the case defines it as "a very good and determined player. As the detective who investigated his case, it evokes "the most incredible deception" that he has ever seen. The fraudster should be sentenced next month, during a hearing at which it cannot, this time, to avoid. . You must check this to read extra on this interesting subject.

Pierre blood Boyer, of Korea of mind.

No number of phone or reply to mails. Pierre blood spiritedness Boyer interviews? Doubt persists until the sending, any chance of a missive on the Facebook of the restaurant: the Cook immediately replied in the affirmative, and with enthusiasm – it’s just that he does not consult his professional mail box. At the age of 34, Pierre blood Boyer is a busy man. Since two and a half years, it is for a very reasonable price the eleventh arrondissement of the capital with a fine kitchen, French obedience, but mingling Korean elements. A rare approach in an era where fusion cuisine has become as outdated as molecular cuisine, especially in this neighborhood of Eastern Paris where thrive signs touting terroir franchouillard (to the two friends, in passing,.), between horse tartare and gribiche calf’s head. In addition to its first sign rue Oberkampf always packed, Pierre blood Boyer opened in September a new address in the rue Gambey, perpendicular to Oberkampf. Walls dark, bricks, wood and stainless steel, it is chic and in service, already even if the leader continues to refine the details. This day of September where it visits him, he is faced with the cabinetmaker, at the same time inspects the new bread baskets he received. And seems to have completely forgotten the interview. But once launched, it is hardly necessary to push Pierre blood Boyer: his tongue loosens, even without question. "I wanted to be boulanger, fisherman, cabinetmaker, mountain guide and ski instructor," he warns to immediately. In the aftermath, the Chief evokes his holidays spent in Auvergne, where child, he fished and harvested mushrooms to sell at the market: "it was my grandparents, to whom I owe my vocation. I was uprooted from Korea to be re-scions in Auvergne. » Pierre blood Boyer was born in South Korea and spent the first years of his life in an orphanage, before to be adopted by a family of Lantriac, Haute-Loire. He speaks bluntly, without embarrassment. "When I arrived at 7 years old, I did not speak french, I didn’t ride bike,.". I felt lagging behind other children. I always had to work harder to compensate. "He set his CV hyperactive, his studies of kitchen near Lyon to its courses in Val Thorens or Evian where"he is forced to work 15 hours a day"and held her little free time to ski. While it seemed destine to the hex kitchen in its most classic form, sailing between the beautiful hotels in the Lyon region and the kitchens of a French chef in London (Pascal Aussignac, Club Gascon), he decides to 24 years, to return to his native land. In Korea, one that said ‘have all forgotten, the language, country, the flavours’, is them resumed in full figure. Finally, his experience at a french restaurant in Seoul turns short – it should start again after a few months for family reasons – but it does not only fit: his wife, a Korean he met during his stay, accompanying. Priority: "Make accessible the techniques of French cuisine to those who do not have many ways."Pierre blood Boyer offers dishes of the day around 15 euros (the formula entry-dish or dish-dessert is 20 euros). Its kitchen is fully open on the room and most places are at the counter, facing the cooks, so the client can observe, comment, enjoy. Always from a perspective of interaction between the team (very young, sympathetic to the cool in sneakers) and the room, the menu is not announced: we view his plate, one empty, and then only we get a clarification on its contents. "This sharpens the curiosity, explains Pierre blood Boyer. The client reflects on what he eats and tastes food that it is not necessarily used to order. "Another important rule: is not Chief dictate map, but to producers. "We always speak of the cooks, but it is that intermediaries," says Boyer who provides to small growers, if possible in the Ile-de-France region, buys fish endangered and prefers nature wines. He rightly states: "there is an ethic, but it does not claim."Last non-negotiable element: the client must regain a bit of Korea on the plate. Rue Oberkampf, this gives for example nicely recorded Basque squid by Korean chilli and peas coated with wasabi, crisps and peanuts. Or the sweet potato noodles, shaken by spicy kimchi and barely cooked carrots, tenderized by Morteau sausage and the pig cheek melting. In his second address, rue Gambey, Pierre blood Boyer ventured even further in Korean land and discover fine local products. As ssamjang, «Korean harissa» dixit the leader, that he mixes in Eggplant and mackerel caviar. Alternatively the omija, a Bay with countless medicinal properties, he prepares in BREW to accompany reinette apples and a cream of beans (confis as chestnuts, with a hint of vanilla). Dishes which, paradoxically, marry very well with french Sébastien Bobinet (in Saumur) or wines Antoine Arena (in Patrimonio, Corsica). The M6 show especially allowed him to forge ties with Christian Constant, Board member. The leader known for his talent of pedagogue, which forma number of major chefs (Eric Fréchon, Jean-François piège, Yves Camdeborde,.), offered him work in its kitchen in Paris and now regularly frequent his restaurant. "A mentor" in which Pierre blood Boyer "ends up completely. He also is seen in the transmission, keeps reminding the importance of his team, cites the names of his collaborators, artisans and producers who have worked with him. "I could have had another life as this. I had good luck with the adoption, I know what I owe to my entourage"motto before to return to his discussions with his cabinetmaker. . You can check the following resource to learn more on this amazing matter.

Tolino challenge Amazon: Ibs brings platform in Italy with Shine and Vision2.

The network "anti-Amazon" also arrives in Italy. While the u.s. economist Paul Krugman from the columns of the New York Times States that the creature of Jeff Bezos harms America, Europe grows Tolino project, the digital platform born in Germany which has joined Italian Ibs also. it. Created by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with leading German libraries Tolino chains opened its doors in 2013 and beyond that in Germany there is in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. With Ibs, a hundred thousand Italians add ebook to 1.6 million books in German, English, French and Spanish, and by mid-November the Italian site will also sell Tolino Shine (99 euros) and Tolino Vision2 (149 euros, but is coming a 8 inch Android tablet), the two e-readers that along with the app for PCs, tablets, and Smartphones and 5 Gb of free cloud include Platform ecosystem of Deutsche Telekom. Main feature of Tolino, which in Germany has a market share of 38% in the ebook (reached in just two years) against 47% of Amazon, is to unite publishers, distributors and booksellers in a project for the sale of electronic books. The "physical" library can participate in selling in the shop e-readers, but also by opening its own retail site on Tolino and to secure a percentage on purchases. For booksellers the way is not to consider the digital as a competitor, but as an additional form of business. Deutsche Telekom is up to the task of providing participants a platform State-of-the-art technology that with access to the cloud allows you to store eBooks, also purchased on other sites, and automatically synchronize bookmarks allowing continuous reading on various devices from smartphones to tablet PCs. . For additional insights on this subject click