Lack of hygiene, diseases: scandal around the abattoirs of chicken to the United Kingdom.

After revealing slavery behind shrimp Thai, the daily British The Guardian uncovers the chain of chicken in the United Kingdom. And the finding is worrying: not respected hygiene rules, antiquated machinery, contamination by campylobacter bacteria,. The majority of UK supermarkets (Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Asda,.) and restaurants (KFC, Nando’s,.) are concerned.   The Guardian journalists conducted their investigation for five months in immersion. Thus, one of them was hired in two of the largest slaughterhouses in the country – owned by 2 Sisters Food Group and Faccenda-, and filmed by hidden camera. If the battery chicken rearing conditions aren’t really a revelation – hardly the equivalent of an A4 sheet of space per animal, overcrowded cages, – as regularly decried step abattoir, it gives of the cold sweats.   Pictures and videos in support, the survey shows that carcass fallen Earth are collected by staff and delivered in the chain, that denies the company. Failures resulted in piles of material at risk (feathers, faeces, internal organs) so that production continued alongside. 2 Sisters counters do not cut the chain because of the welfare of the live chickens waiting for electric shock (before be slaughtered).   Not only these chickens are sold for mass distribution in the United Kingdom, but they also included the composition of dishes prepared or presented in chains, like KFC and Nando’s. Most responded to the Guardian. Thus, Marks & Spencer said: we are very careful to food security and regularly audit our suppliers to ensure they meet our standards. We will not tolerate any breach of the regulations and, therefore, to launch an investigation. Same story at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and KFC. Only Nando’s seems not to worry: all our chickens are labeled Red Tractor. a certification meant to ensure the well-being of the animal and slaughter quality.   . For extra insights about this matter click site.

United States: a convict to death survives two hours to lethal injection.

The prison authorities of Arizona (ADC) have begun execution at 1:52 pm. At 13:57, the ADC reported that Mr. Wood was anesthetized, but at 14 H 02 he began to breathe. At 14 H 03, his mouth moved and continues to breathe since then. He pants and grumbling from more than an hour, write lawyers in this document written while the convicted person was still alive, at 15:02. In the last 24 hours, Mr. Wood had filed several appeals and challenged until the supreme Court of the United States the veil of secrecy that surrounds the procedure of lethal injection in that State, as in many others practicing the death penalty. He had denounced the risk of unconstitutional pain that it might incur during its execution, in the absence of information on the products used and on the qualifications of the staff responsible for injecting. Arizona was merely to say that Mr. Wood would be executed with the same products used when running controversial in January in Ohio (North) during which the convicted person was restless and had groaned for 26 minutes. In this case, the State has used the anaesthetic combined midazolam to of hydromorphone, a derivative of morphine. Arizona seems to have joined several other irresponsible States in a horror that was absolutely predictable, denounced his lawyer Dale Baich. Joseph Wood took two hours to die and he suffocated and searched for his breathing for about an hour and forty minutes, he added in a statement. . You must click this source to discover more regarding this great subject.

Expulsion of Christians: worse than Genghis Khan.

The terror group Islamic State has achieved another objective: in Mosul, the third largest Iraqi city, no Christians live for the first time for more than 1600 years. The self-proclaimed Caliph Abu Bakr al Baghdati has promptly its announcement deeds. At recent Friday prayers He asked the Christians in Mosul, to convert to Islam or pay a special tax for non-Muslims ("dschizja"). Otherwise they would be executed by Saturday. Now, the exodus of the 35 000 set Christians; prior to 2003, still twice as many had lived in Mosul. Most brought up in the nearby Kurdish provinces of Dohuk and Arbil in security, others fought through to Baghdad. They left behind their belongings and goods. At their checkpoints, the terrorists confiscated the jewelry and cash of the fleeing, often their car. They smeared the letter "N" for "Nasrani", Christ at the houses of Christians. The members of five families were too old to flee; they would endure the forced conversion to Islam about themselves, said in Baghdad the Christian member of Parliament Younadam Kanna. The terrorists expelled the monks from the monastery of Mar Bahnam near Mosul, which had been founded in the fourth century, and is one of the oldest Christian sites in Mesopotamia. It is feared that the sacred spaces such as in previous destruction of churches were desecrated. In Mosul, the terrorists burned down the residence of the Syrian Catholic Bishop as the Patriarch of the Church, Ignatius Joseph III., reported. The Islamic State sales not only Christians and confiscated their belongings and goods. The jihadists were in equally against other groups – about against Shiites or Jeziden. In Baghdad, the "Patriarch of Babylon" turned and with Rome Sako, Chaldean Church, Louis Rafael I. unierten of the Sunni Muslims who support the Islamic State for its fight against the Shiite Central Government. Consider their "rethink strategy and show respect to the unarmed members of all religions". In a worship in which Muslims also participated in solidarity, in the church dedicated to Saint George, the Patriarch asked how it could happen in the 21st century, that someone will driven out of his home, just because he’s Christian, Shiite, Sunni, or Jezide. That had never happened in the history of Christianity and even Islam. Even Genghis Khan and his grandson Hülagü, who had 1258 Baghdad to rubble and ashes, had not done that. During the worship Muslims held up "I am Iraqi, I am a Christian" banners with the inscription. Patriarch Louis Rafael I. Sako not only sees the Iraqi Christians in a "dramatic situation" – and that since the triumph of the jihadists who had brought Mosul on 10 June under their control, where hundreds of thousands fled. "We lose our community", says the Patriarch, who estimates the number of Christians remaining in the Iraq at around half a million. On the "Collapse", as he calls the time 11 years ago after the American invasion, there were still 1.2 million Christians. Today, sleeper cells of Islamic Heads of State already in the Baghdad area Mansur to be infiltrated, in which resides the Patriarch behind high walls. The priest ran him off, therefore only another twenty could be operated by 35 Chaldean Catholic churches, he says. The Patriarch is critical of the creation of special quotas for Iraqi Christian refugees in European countries. But, also a different policy could not stop the exodus. "In ten years, there will be perhaps 50 000 Christians in the Iraq." Almost already nostalgic, he talks about the time in which he was ordained to the priesthood. That was 1974 in Mosul, which has experienced a rapid boom as other Iraqi cities thanks to the revenue from the oil sales. The Government has invested in education and health, religion played no role. The Patriarch, who sees no chance in the face of the recent escalation of violence, to mediate between Shiite and Sunni politicians said "The regime was secular, today but, the religion is abused by all". At the beginning of the year, he still did it. He drove in the Sunni cities of Ramadi and Fallujah, where the fighters of the Islamic State seized the revolt of the Sunni protest movement. Meanwhile, the divide was too great, were no longer to mend the cracks. Louis Sako was born on July 4, 1948, in the northern Iraqi town of Zakho, he studied in Rome and at the Sorbonne, where he obtained his doctorate in religious history. He speaks more than ten languages. Before he was ordained Archbishop of Kirkuk, in 2003 he led the seminary in Baghdad. At the Vatican, he collaborated in the Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue. 2010, he received the peace prize for his work in Kirkuk Pax Christi. As Archbishop, he commented on the latest developments, he criticized the U.S. invasion, as the execution of Saddam Hussein in 2006. In February 2013, he was appointed at a difficult time for Christians in the Middle East on the seat of the Patriarch of Babylon and is called Louis Rafael since I. The church leaders fear that the Iraq into three parts breaks up a Shiite, a Sunni and a Kurdish – - and that this brings nothing good Christians. Mesopotamia was one of the centers of early Christianity. From here missionaries went to India and to China. In the 15th century, the Mongol ruler Timur had wiped out but the churches in Asia. Today, the same fate threatens in the Iraq – and also in Syria – churches. . Extended text can be found visiting

Death penalty: death throes from futile killer takes nearly two hours.

Several times, death candidate wood had tried to avert the execution. So he relied inter alia that that he had no adequate legal representation during his process. He also questioned the secrecy surrounding the drugs in the lethal injection for the execution. Only on Wednesday morning the Supreme Court of Arizona after a legal back and forth opened the way for the executions of Woods at the last minute. The judge had previously temporarily suspended the execution to verify a last appeal. Finally, they rejected him. Happen what happened to Joseph Wood should never. We must stand up for human rights and dignity. http://t. co/H4jyLp1OXP #deathpenalty – Steven W Hawkins (@StevenWHawkins) 24 July 2014 Woods long agony may rekindle the debate surrounding executions and the use of venom injection in the United States. What happened to Joseph Wood, should never be done, wrote the U.S. Chairman of human rights group Amnesty International, Steven W. Hawkins, on Twitter. In the past few months several similar incidents had occurred in executions in the United States already. In January, blurted and panted a convicted murderer in Ohio for 26 minutes, until he died. In Oklahoma, an inmate of a heart attack died after prison officials had briefly stopped the execution, because of the toxic cocktail was been injected incorrectly. The State of Arizona uses the same drugs with the sedative Midazolam and Hydromorphone of the pain, which were used in the controversial execution of Dennis McGuire in Ohio. In the Oklahoma case, a different mix of poison was used. . Root data can be read checking this

The celebrity birthdays from 24 July 2014: Jennifer Lopez.

The singer then had little time for the World Cup, even though she contributed the official World Cup song with Pitbull and Claudia Leitte with we are one. My schedule is really extremely full at the moment, she said in advance of the News Agency dpa. About the games she wanted to abide but informed by their cousins, which are all fanatical supporters of Real Madrid. Lopez celebrates successes not only in pop music. She has her own fashion and perfume line, dancer, talent show judge, mother and to see again and again in the cinema. All this but haven’t changed it, the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants said that in a poor area in the New York Bronx grew up, two years ago in an interview with the News Agency dpa. There is no contradiction between its origin and the great Hollywood glamour. In my heart, in my soul I’m still the same person that I was 16, she says. With a concert in June at the Bronx and their current CD A. k. A. was this old time j. Lo. A return to the roots is the album, Lopez said. It however wasn’t a great success. We fall down, we get up again. That’s what we do, she adds. Family is important to her, says the single mother of six year old twins Max and Emme. Life à la Lopez is just so, as in any other home also: I’m making breakfast for the children. In the summer, be like out there, in the pool, so we go to the pool, lunch, are lazy, laugh together. I’m just trying to spend as much time as possible with the children. . Main source may be read visiting the following home page.

Territorial reform: who voted for? Who voted against?

3 MPs chevenementistes, hostile on the very principle of this reform, include these votes against, as well as Christian Assaf (Hérault), Kléber Mesquida (Hérault) and Robert Olive (Pyrénées-Orientales), hostile to the merger of Languedoc-Roussillon with Midi-Pyrenees, as well as Henri Emmanuelli (Landes) and David Habib (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), angry to see their Aquitaine unite with Poitou-Charentes and Limousin. 85 abstained 27 Socialists.  Among them, there are four members of the North who had announced their hostility to the merger with the Picardy like Martine Aubry,: Jean-Pierre Allossery, Anne-Lise Dufour-Tonini, Audrey Linkenheld and Rémi Pauvros, as well as two relatives of the Mayor of Lille, Jean-Marc Germain (Hauts-de-Seine) and François Lamy (Essonne), and an elected representative of the Pas-de-Calais, Philippe Kemel. There are also among abstainers of deputies of Indre-et-Loire, which the region, the Centre remains closed – Laurent Baumel, Jean-Marie Beffara and Jean-Patrick Gille, two Britons – Jean-Pierre Le Roch (Morbihan) and Jean-René Marsac (Ille-et-Vilaine) – and a member of the new region Poitou-Charentes Limousin Aquitaine, Michel Vergnier (Creuse). . You must click the following article to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

TV column – Bachelorette, beware of the small meat penis.

It is a nice game in the middle of the real crisis country Portugal. A Barbie dream house, to the "pooch pool-set", in which Ken or Adriano or Pascal sashay around to a blonde who looks like from the doll Pack "Magical fairy" is built. At the end, one gets a sausage in disguise of a rose, which can make the most beautiful males. The diminutives can already imagine it. Men in the shrinking format in a TV format, which pumps up to the mega-event is. Now, a woman is the loading feature. One saying again that would nix the women rate. Ten years ago there was a stop at RTL with the "Bachelorette" Monica Ivancan which really no degree had, though it was so famous after the pooch-pool-set game, has admired even Oliver Pocher for them, the rose seller of German television. The next career highlight was late 2009, when Ivancan brought a DVD with their own fitness program on the market. If you just let the women, they can anything really. Has joined Yes indeed much in the past ten years since the first "Bachelorette". Alice Schwarzer gave much trouble when the women’s movement. Or was it but your account movements? No matter, that has a fully emancipated now time relationship, had ever betrayed at this point. The blonde grabs some a Ken or Adriano, or Pascal, is pulled from the Barbie dream house, the "Doggie-pool-set" will be remaindered as it is usual in a crisis country. And then back to the two room kitchen bath world of in Germany. As soon as the final is broadcast, is widening the Barbie and Ken Federal for a camera life totally surprising. Then is time for man-great sentences like "Of course it hurts, because we had a lovely time" and/or "Still were my feelings for her unfortunately less". The "Bachelorette" will then realize that this title only by the RTL-uni was, so not so important beyond the Barbie dream house, rather as much worth as the balance sheets of Portugal, and then she will cry a little bit and say something like: "I am very sad and hurt" or "I was looking forward so insanely on our common future". But now the Bachelorette Anna still on the common presence forward. And Portugal over this time advertising for the "popular holiday destination". Turquoise sea, terracotta colors the rocks so gushes the blonde. The 16 remaining men, when they each other high-five poses and is not just in the Pack, strive to noun phrases (subordinate clauses, huh?), and it sounds like this: "This is beautiful or this is beautiful?". Most of the time but it remains at the a word talk: "Mega" or "Bride of hammer" or "Porn". Even Luke, the student for something, has trouble with proper German. He hopes that it "harmonised". The big boys in each case are fully hormonisiert. One says: "I’ve got a little. It is also still a meat penis. "Shadman, höhöhö."It BAWLS that has splattered already they", around the corner. Was only water. Shadman, höhöhö. Sister Anna quenches blood, love Anna shade. That the dear sister incorrectly accepts Anna "like" and "as" grammatisierend, you must not be overestimated. Main thing is that harmonized it. And hormonisiert. "Since the heart is one you want to embrace the world," wortkuschelt Anna, because Sandra says that she is a dream woman. "I want a man, which I myself can lean on." And: "you’re a man with depth. No shit. Let’s take you in the arm. "Tim must then but also been quickly back down from the swing, Marvin sits on immediately. It exchanges in common. He: "My grandma is demented." You: "Mine." But then just as quickly again forget how Christopher dance program. Is this hatch only hack or nature-stupid? "The butterflies are becoming slowly a horde of caterpillars." Before the Butterfly in the cocoon to hatch, notes in the piano body crawl back, Anna’s astral body tingles fully back into space, then, caution, climax!, it is megahammerallesgut. So, finally, there is a reason to enjoy this show really. There are these megapornoenthormonisiertensaudummen faces of the men in the round of roses. The Flash so demented! And on the first your own fitness program on DVD by Anna we look forward already sledge hammer!. For more information on this topic visit

Hamas leader to accept a humanitarian truce but not a high fire.

I do not defend or justify to Israel with its disproportionate attacks. But what is clear is that it is a pa s q is vislumbr RA z of a war (the first GM) and is led out after another (the second GM). Is a Covenant of a mont n of Nations which gave as result a pa s. I don’t think that people have because of this either. Already due to be time to heal wounds, but the truth is that Muslim States est n combulsos, and Hamas, as rulers of Gaza are acting with provocaci n and victimhood on par. I am astonished to see c mo famous and not famous call for peace for the Gaza Strip and then view news as St. By the os that I have lived, the Gaza Strip s seeks peacetime when you want to reset to return to attacking Israel. It is much less worrying. . You can read this to discover more about this interesting topic.

Gender equality: Bill finally passed by the Senate.

Senators adopted definitely Wednesday afternoon, before MEPs in the evening, Bill for real equality between women and men, including the flagship measure aims to encourage fathers to take parental leave. This framework law project, which was the subject of an agreement between deputies and senators in the joint mixed Committee, voted by the House by 199 votes (Socialists, ecologists, radicals of the left, Communists and a majority of IDU – UC) and 145 abstentions (UMP). No Senator not voted against, making live the Minister of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem women’s rights, a rare moment of pure emotion. That brought this transverse text intends to respond to the challenge of the change of mentality, d? a new sharing of parental responsibilities, d? a requirement of parity finally met in a maximum of sectors. The rapporteur, Virginia Kles (PS), reading a manual of the good wife dating back to the 1960s to show the path, while the centrist Muguette Dini, which was the last intervention since it does not represent the Senatorial September elections, told his lifelong fight for more equality. Nathalie Goulet (IDU – UC), which, as several women who expressed themselves prefer the debate to the quotas, found that these can help however, and noted the symbol of the vote on this text on the 100th day of removal in northeastern Nigeria over 200 teenage girls, on April 14, the armed Islamist group Boko Haram. Bill full texts adopted in recent decades on professional equality, violence against women and gender equality in politics. Main innovation, reform of the parental leave, for its best shared with fathers. So leave will be increased from six months to a year to the arrival of a first child, and there will still be three years from two children, provided that six months should be taken by the second parent. -Abortion strengthened – to the rank of its symbolic provisions, the Bill requests that more women sit at the Institute de France and its academies, a measure introduced by the rapporteur (PS) at the Assembly, Sébastien Denaja. The left, often divided lately concerning the economic and social issues, will happily support this societal text, that parliamentarians could even enrich. So highly publicized, the prohibition of competition of mini miss aged less than 16, under penalty of two years in prison, had been passed in the Senate in September 2013 under the leadership of the centrist Chantal Jouanno. Finally the prohibition apply to less than 13 years, with a fine to the key in the event of infringement. Deleting in the Assembly of the idea of a distress situation of a woman to use a voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG), dating back to the 1975 Veil law, had then set fire to the powders in January, to the outside of the House. Supported by the Pope, a market for life had gathered in Paris between 16. 000 and 40. 000 people, encouraged by the Spanish example, where the Conservative Government intends to restrict the conditions of the right to abortion. For the UMP in the Senate group, the fundamental principles of the Veil law are questioned by Bill, a reiterated Wednesday André Reichardt, announcing a referral to the Constitutional Council over the principle of the respect of any human being from the beginning of life. In the eyes of the UMP, throughout this Petri dish text of good intentions boils down to an assemblage of various provisions which do not attack the real cultural obstacles to equality. . Main facts could be read clicking the following url.

For Bayrou, Montebourg is a candidate for the leadership of the left side of the left.

François Bayrou sees two antagonistic currents to the left and judge that Arnaud Montebourg did apply to the radical pole including Slingers, in an interview published in the weekly current values. The division of the majority is substantive, estimated between two antagonistic currents, a social liberal pole around Manuel Valls and a more radical leftist pole + Slingers +, the majority of ecologists, until the left Front, Mélenchon and PC. This pole seeks its leader, and made Montebourg Act bid, believes the Chairman of the MoDem. The year 2014, it is the end of the union of the left started in 1971, judge. Moreover, he reiterated that in 2017 or before it will take agreements and rallies for Republican reconstruction. He had recently said that it could agree with Alain Juppé and François Fillon and saw no relief without gathering. The former presidential candidate ensures that there is no obsession of 2017. Asked about Jean-Louis Borloo, who has moved closer in the fall of 2013, especially for the European elections, and which the press reports that he talks frequently with Nicolas Sarkozy or even preparing the return of the former president of the Republic, Mr Bayrou responds: If that were true, there would be there an important difference between Jean-Louis Borloo and me. When asked about the fact whether the former head of State can change, Mr Bayrou responds: Judging by his last television interview, I didn’t feel the slightest change. . Additional text can be inspected checking source.