Internet tax in Hungary: Orbán, the salami tactician.

The power of Viktor Orbán appeared some days to sway. United as seldom before, people of all political camps against a proposed Internet tax demonstrated in Budapest and other Hungarian cities. Orbán was silent, while his Government was desolate and confused – times waiting their representatives with proposals for changes to the planned tax, were so vague, that hardly anyone understood them, then again she defended providing stubborn. Meanwhile, many actually close to Orbán publicists spoke out against the tax, and even prominent politicians in Orban’s Party Fidesz stopped providing Internet for wrong. Finally, the Hungarian Prime Minister pulled the emergency brake – and thereby a tactical feat him as so often: in his weekly interview with the State TV station Kossuth Rádió announced Orbán on Friday, that the Internet tax for the time being will not introduced. At the same time, he justified it and hinted that he intended to introduce them next year in the wake of a broad-based national consultation yet. Then came the constraint: from mid-January, so Orbán, will one begin three to six-month national consultation on the regulation of the Internet, and about what is and what isn’t, as well as financial aspects, namely: whether it was possible to keep part of the huge additional profits, telecommunications companies through the Internet would make in the country and to feed the State budget. The national consultation will hopefully draw the debate in sensible ways, so Orbán. The retraction of the head of the Hungarian Government acted promptly. Only several thousand people gathered on Friday in Budapest and other cities to short demonstrations against the Government. They celebrated their victory on the one hand, on the other hand, they warned the fraudulent national consultation. In Budapest, the protest lasted a half hour. The movement against the Internet tax is at a crossroads, was the conclusion in the independent television station ATV, which had broadcast live the demonstrations in recent days. The Government-critical Internet portal liaise hu wrote: it seems that Orban’s Bill had gone up. On the sixth day, the wave of protest is suspended. Actually, in his political career, Viktor Orbán has never accepted defeat, rarely compromised, or as Prime Minister bowed to even the pressure of the road. Protests against the media law and the anti-democratic reconstruction in Hungary unheard by those in power, a student movement against tuition fees brought two years ago by delaying tactics to the mystifyingly Orbán, he answered criticism of the EU’s constitutional concern laws with cosmetic changes. Similar to therefore arguably the scheduled referendum on the Internet tax is likely to come. So it seems one of the spokespersons of the Budapest protest demonstrations in the past few days, the Internet entrepreneur and founder of the social network of iwiw Zsolt Várady anyway. I am pleased that our protest was successful, but the so-called national consultation is a cynical PR ploy, says Várady. Orbán will send letters to the citizens, some ten thousand people will answer, then he will say, look, all agree, we introduce a tax on the Internet. I can only say: Dear Victor, we don’t want your national consultation. . Main data may be read clicking the following

Cologne number of participants doubled – Berlin threatens to rampage: logged 10,000 hooligans for demo.

Last weekend, they fell violently in the chaos Cologne – now the ‘hooligans against the Salafists’ plan an even bigger demonstration in Berlin mid November. Now security forces expect more than twice as many anarchists. The organizer of the hooligan build-up planned for mid-November in Berlin expect some 10 000 participants. First demonstrators had been registered for the rally on November 15 only 1000, now there are 10 000, a spokesman of the Berlin police on Friday. Thus, he confirmed a report of the RBB. From the perspective of the police, the number of participants expected is very difficult to assess, the spokesman added. The rally will take place clock on Pariser Platz near the Brandenburg Gate clock and 21 00 motto against Salafists, Islamization, and refugee policy between 15 00. Last weekend, about 4500 hooligans in Cologne had riots and 49 police officers hurt. Meanwhile, a hooligan rally scheduled for Nov. 15 in Hamburg was cancelled again by the applicant. After details of the RBB Berlin authorities expect already at a demonstration on November 9 near the Reichstag possible riots. The right-wing Empire citizen movement is therefore behind the rally. Whether also hooligans want to participate, it is still unclear, said the police spokesman. . Main data can be found checking the following resource.

Bayern Munich – Dortmund live stream – watch the top Bundesliga game in the live stream online.

The Summit of previous years will be held on Saturday evening (kick-off: 18 30) take place under unusual circumstances. Miss while FC Bayern at the top of the table to, Borussia Dortmund to last four League defeats in a row at the 15th finds himself table space and runs the risk, once again qualifying for the UEFA Champions League.   14 standings, 14 points – and that after only 9 days of play. The question is once settled for the number 1 in the current Bundesliga season. A real League Summit is the duel between the undefeated Bayern and the flattened BVB (live-ticker by FOCUS online) not this time, but importance is how ever and ever. There are taunts in the boardrooms, the discussion about a possible change of Borussia star Marco reus is public already fully underway. Jürgen Klopp and PEP Guardiola hide the SideShow, are fully focused on the Premier League classic. My goal is just football, explained Guardiola on Friday and warned the embattled BVB. You are a top superior team. Anything other than the game was no second theme for him, the Spanish star coach.   Here you can watch the Bundesliga live: on Sky, in the live stream via sky go or on the radio: Pay-TV broadcaster sky (Federal League package) shows all Bundesliga games exclusively on TV. The Saturday conference starts always at 14: 00 – kickoff is Bundesliga 1 and Sky HD 1 Bundesliga then at 15 30 pm on Sky. The Sunday games are broadcast live. If you want to watch the game in a round, here you can search for a Sky sports bar in your area. Sky customers who are traveling, do without of course the Bundesliga. With the live stream sky go there are the Bundesliga in real time on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop. Sky go is available in the Google play store for Android and Apple devices in the iTunes store for the free to download. All game days are also on Sport1. FM or live experience in the ARD Radio Conference – as a podcast, or with a radio receiver. . Additional facts can be inspected clicking reference.

Compromise in the gas dispute: crisis prevents, postponed the problem.

Russia also wanted Europe if necessary guarantees of Ukraine’s gas debt. The EU should pay for Kiev, because Brussels has signed an association agreement with the country. Yet a week ago, President Wladimir promoted Putin for such a model. It is common in Russia that a gentleman pays when he invites a girl in a restaurant, Putin said recently in the Black Sea city of Sochi. The small winner of the agreement is the Ukrainian energy Minister Juri Prodan. His Government had responded quickly to the Russian cutoff in the spring with contingency plans. Hot water in Kiev and other cities was temporarily discontinued to save gas. The new leadership in Kiev had also for the case prepared, complete without Russian gas to overwinter. Many industries would need to restrict their production, so that the citizens do not freeze. That would have further strengthened the recession in the Ukraine. Now, all this is no longer necessary. In the coming week could flow again Russian gas in the Ukraine. The emergency measures but have it, Kiev’s negotiating position seems at least as much strengthened that are both the payment and the price of gas for the coming winter in an acceptable range. Russia insists on maintaining a supply agreement by 2009. The former Prime Minister, Julija Tymoschenko had signed him. She agreed at that time not only the very high price of $485 thousand cubic meters per, but also high, fixed quantities. The so-called take or pay clause according to the Ukraine full quantities pay, even if she are actually less consumed. Gas consumption by however much in the Ukraine in the past few years. . Main facts can be studied reading the following blog.

Sex, surveyed hot fantasies: he dreams 2 women, her rites for submission.

Dreams one night with two hot women? It is normal, while fantasizing about the ritual of ‘ pissing ‘ (better known as pissing) is not. and yet, he is more varied in his fantasies, while she often dreams of submission rituals in style ‘ nuances ‘ 50. But unlike the men, the women stand out well between fantasy and desire, so that doesn’t always want to see carried out their hottest fantasies. Are just some of the results of a research project which for the first time defines sexual fantasies, defining scientifically deviations. To sign the work are researchers at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal and the Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal, affiliated with the University of Montreal (Canada). Unusual fantasies, deviant and–although many theories on deviant sexual fantasies incorporate the concept of atypical, fantasies or paraphilias, the scientific literature does not describe what these entail in practice. So the fifth edition of the diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (Dsm-5) refers to abnormal patterns, while the World Health Organization to unusual ones in the definition of paraphilias. But what exactly is an unusual sexual fantasy? The answer comes now from the study on the Journal of Sexual Medicine ‘. Pathological sexual fantasies involve non-consenting partners, cause pain, or are absolutely necessary to feel pleasure. But other than that, what is it? To find out, we just asked people, explains Christian Joyal, lead author of the study. Many women dream of submission-however since "census" shows that men have more fantasies and describe more vividly than women. The study also said that a significant percentage of women (from 30% to 60%) and evokes themes associated with the submission (e.g., be tied, spanked, forced to have reports). Moreover, unlike men, women in general have a clear distinction between fantasy and desire. So many women who tell the most extreme fantasies of submission, would not specify why they realized. To most men, on the other hand, would very much like their fantasies become reality, the authors explain. This is the case, in fact, of Threesomes. Men fantasize about a threesome-In general, then, men in couples fantasize more about extramarital affairs than women. One of the most interesting results-says the researcher-has to do with the number of exclusively male fantasies, for example as regards trans, anal sex among heterosexuals and the idea of watching or partner having sex with another man. Overall, these results allow us to shed light on some social phenomena, such as the popularity of the book ‘ fifty shades of gray ‘, observes Joyal. The topic concludes-is fascinating. We are currently conducting statistical analyses with the same data to prove the existence of homogeneous subgroups of individuals on the basis of combinations of fantasies. For example, people who have fantasies of submission, often report also fantasies of domination. In short, this is not ‘ alternative ‘ subjects, indeed. . Related text can be inspected clicking weblink.

The Government disputed before the Constitutional Court the consultation of 9-N.

#7 Tanta insistence on the expired project of rupture, so default and insisting on illegality, nicame is understandable from the point of view that lites nationalist them be building on in power. Nationalism, acts as a permanent ascensi n. ladder sections They desperately need the independence to perpetuate itself in power. And that does not come me with the song of the siren of the h 12nd of geese, which they catch the witness of the citizen by not strained. It is a process remote from the exterior which has resulted in collective mass movement. There are many official and paniguado irreducible to salary, living in the mamandurria of independence. These loose not the bargain as well as ACE. They are able to leave the negociete in inheritance to children. What happens that even here masters may arrive. The ownership of the national territory is the heritage of all citizens. It cannot decide the part for the whole. This is ACE here and in Indo-China. Less evil than en Espa at no unionist mamandurria, negocietes passed to children,, as it is watching everywhere, Espa is an exemplary democracy, and its very scrupulous, periph nationalisms stima l rich leaders who it dirty all. Adem s of all the reasons you’ve listed, also want us to go because we are tired of raz n taaaanta people like you. . You must check this to read extra regarding this great subject.

Mödlareuth, the small Berlin, remembers the fall of the wall.

Germany, 1989. Under a downpour of snow, an excited crowd enters the breccia pierced in a section of wall to go meet beings dear which they live separate for 37 years. This scene took place in Berlin, symbol of the partition of the two Germany of the time of the cold war, but in a quiet village on the hillside, in the South of the country, Mödlareuth. On 9 December, 25 years ago, one month to the day after the fall of the wall that divided the German capital, in two another boundary of concrete fell in turn in this rural hamlet of about 50 souls, to horse between Thuringia and Bavaria. Mödlareuth was already since the 19th century a strangeness: one community, sharing a school, a fire station firefighters, a hostel, and celebrant United holiday village, but dependent administratively two separate regional States, with different postal codes or dialing codes. It welcomed even differently to other!In 1949, the geographic boundary formed by a modest stream passing in the middle of the town turns into a clean cut between the Republic Federal d?Germany (FRG) and its Communist neighbour, the German Democratic Republic (GDR). -Hamlet cut in half – the first years, the inhabitants are still allowed to circulate on both sides of the river. But in 1952, the GDR hardens the tone and lists in the heart of Mödlareuth one fence wood, replaced in 1966 by a concrete wall of 700 meters long and more than 3 meters high is wanting impassable, topped with watchtowers and guarded day and night. Share and another is stretching the barbed wire of the inner border, less spectacular but equally difficult to cross. Some families are expropriated, many are torn. From one day to the next, the Bavarian part children could no longer attend school, located on the side of Thüringer, farmers could no longer access their fields, the community was broken, said Robert Lebegern, Director of the German Museum founded in Mödlareuth in 1990. Initially, it greeted the people on the other side of the wall, but they did not react. Is that then it was learned that they had no right to sign, remembers Karin Mergner, came farmer moved to Mödlareuth in 1966 to follow her husband. His farm, located on the side of West German, adjoins a 100 metres long wall portion retained by the Museum, a relic which attracts each year 70. 000 visitors. This gash in the landscape, materialization of the railway between Western and Soviet blocks curtain will remain intact at Mödlareuth until December 9, 1989 and led to the village the nickname of Little Berlin, the small Berlin. Despite the prohibition for GDR citizens from travelling to West Germany, except for retirees and people with a special visa, the villagers tried to keep in touch. While climbing the Hill, they could see. When baby’s blue clothes were hanging on a clothesline, we knew that a boy was born, and it’s like this that people followed what was happening on the other side, says Arnold Friedrich, Mayor in the 1980s and 90 of the Bavarian part in RFA. -’ Sense of intact community’ – West German citizens were allowed, under conditions, to go from time to time in the GDR, that was sometimes Karin Mergner to neighbours of bananas and coffee, rare commodities in East Germany. To reach the other side of the village, located a few tens of metres as the crow flies, he had to make a detour by car from two hours punctuated by tedious police controls. I never imagined that I would see the day where the wall falls, entrusts the sexagenarian. Seeing on television the opening in Berlin on 9 November, she hopes an identical phenomenon beside her home. But it will take four weeks for the Mödlareuth border puts an end to decades of impermeability. It is is all embraced, it drank sparkling wine set,. It was fantastic, remembers Ms. Mergner. I always said that I would like to one day be able to go have a beer across the wall, remembers also the former Mayor, fogged eyes. December 9, 1989, it became reality. The sense of community that existed before the wall was intact, people fell into the arms of each other, and it was as if the village had never been divided. . You must click the following weblink to discover more about this great subject.

Gold, emeralds, coins and banknotes stolen booty anticheRecuperato in Porto Rafael records.

Thieves in action at, in the municipality of Palau, where were stolen jewelry and antique coins worth from the House of an entrepreneur. The stolen property has been recovered and was denounced by the police for handling. The men of the territorial command of Olbia followed Thursday’s shifts of Olbia to Rome, which was blocked at the airport. The young man was carrying, accompanied by quality control certificates and a letter written by the girl’s father, but was unable to explain the origin of the jewels. In the barracks, the father of the young, arrived with the intention of explaining the origin of military goods, has also led, scrapbooks containing 15 old postcards and stamps various ancient notes, 64 vario cut, 7 necklaces, brooches, 13 2 rings and other jewelry, but would not be able to explain their origin. The military have thus discovered that it was a part of the stolen goods taken away last Tuesday to Palau, from the House of contractor. . Inspirational source may be read checking this source.

The Italians take refuge in savings.

(Fotolive)The Italians have taken to save money. For the second year in a row, after the fall followed the outbreak of the crisis, has increased from 29 to 33%, the share of households over the past 12 months have managed to put the money aside. «The value of savings is in the Dna of our fellow citizens, even-and perhaps especially in difficult times like this, "commented Giuseppe Guzzetti, President of acre, the association between savings banks and foundations of banking origin, which today celebrates the day of savings 90esima, presenting the research by Ipsos. The Italians ‘ ants ‘, therefore, faced with a crisis more serious and longer than expected-the 87% of those polled by Ipsos believes that will last 5 years-still took new measures by scheduling spending strategies. To push this renewed urge to save is thus the uncertainty, coupled with the fear of worsening economic situation should not engage in spending–and the simultaneous fall of purchases of real estate proves it-but to stock up before the unexpected. It is also possible that some have adapted to the crisis better than others with that duality that characterizes the performance of industry, one third of which exports and does not suffer. The figure, which marks the difference is what shows up as about a third of Italian families-the 26% of the sample-would not be able to cope with its resources to an unforeseen expenditure of one thousand euros and what drives up to 74% share unprepared to one of 10 thousand euros. Between these percentages fit families affected directly by the crisis amounts to 27% down from 30% in 2013 and that the 23% (26% were in 2013), households that reported a serious deterioration of their standard of living over the past two years. On the other hand, increases and reaches 50%, that is to say an Italian on two, the share of those who declare their economic situation satisfied: in the last three years the percentage of dissatisfied had always been superior. Also significant the leap made by optimists than pessimists: accounting for 24% and 21%, respectively, in 2013 were 21% and 28%. The most confident are young people and those over 45 and remain skeptical individuals from 31 to 44 years: the worst hit by the crisis. Finally, investments: uncertainty has exacerbated the liquidity preference-rise in current account deposits-while the contraction of the ‘ brick ‘ appeal partly because of taxes. . You must click this home page to read more about this great subject.

The army takes the hand in Burkina Faso.

The crowd quickly demanded the start pure and simple of the head of State to power for twenty-seven years. Before the Kossyam Palace, the presidential residence, demonstrators clashed with the presidential guard, a pillar of the regime since decades and his last rampart. For15 Thursday the balance of clashes. Diplomatic sources, there are about 20 deaths in the country. Despite these tensions, president, apart from a tweet calling for calm and serenity, has long remained silent. Late in the afternoon, a statement read on the radio and this as emanating from the Presidency has announced the establishment of the State of siege, the dissolution of the Government and the opening of negotiations. But it was the face of the Chief of staff of the army which appeared first on the small screen in the evening. At a press conference, general Honoré Traoré announced the dissolution of the Government and the Assembly, as well as the establishment of a curfew. The head of the army said that a transitional Government would be set up for a period of twelve months – here in the presidential election – but does not specify who would head. But he refused to say whether Blaise Compaoré was still the head of State. Burkina Faso president spoke two hours later on the television channel 3 to ensure that he would not resign and would remain in office until the end of his term, adding to the ambient confusion. Welcoming the Republican attitude of the police, he committed to hand over power to a democratically elected president at the end of a transition period. The African Union expressed Thursday its "deep concern" and called on «all parties concerned to demonstrate the largest successful». The European Union launched an appeal to "quickly dialogue" and to put an end to the violence. The United Nations, such as the AU, has decided to send an emissary. . For extra facts regarding this topic click reference.