Steinmeier against stronger military involvement in the Iraq.

The recently formed international alliance against the IS will work Division, the SPD politician said report from Berlin on Sunday in the ARD programme. We took over our share – a great deal of responsibility there, in the North of Iraq – he added facing German arms shipments to Kurdish Pesh fighters. Other States perform other tasks – the French around, by supporting the American air support flights. If everyone would do the same, we not come further Yes also. In this respect, it is a diversified process, so Steinmeier. And I don’t see that we are forced to participate in US air support, or to be even, as some have claimed, tipping, now with soldiers on the ground there on the ground in the Iraq work. That is not eligible for us. The United Nations expect a massive stream of refugees into Turkey in the face of the advance of the Islamic State (IS) in the North of Syria’s terrorist militia. Since Friday, nearly 100 000 mainly Kurdish refugees had sought refuge in the neighbouring country, the UN refugee agency UNHCR in Ankara said. The people had fled after IS extremists had launched attacks on Kurdish villages in the Syrian Turkish border late last week. The number is close to 100 000, UNHCR spokeswoman Selin said unal in Ankara Sunday on request. And still people are coming. Turkey had opened its border on Friday after thousands out of fear IS massacre had gathered before. The terrorist militia has in the region around the city of Ain al-Arab (Kurdish: Kobans) captured more than 60 villages. During their conquest, the extremists in mid-June had abducted dozens of hostages in the Turkish Consulate in Mosul. 46 Turkish and three Iraqi hostages had been released now, after over three months, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Saturday. The secret service with freed the hostages during a night-time rescue operation. They arrived in their home on Saturday. Before the UN General Assembly the United States will further push next week for a global Alliance in the fight against the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). This is not America against the Islamic State, US President Barack Obama said Saturday in a radio address in Washington. It’s the world against the Islamic State. According to the United States France had begun as first State on Friday, bombing positions IS in the Iraq. . You can read the following to read extra on this amazing topic.

School visit to the Quirinale Palace, but the autistic student is forced to return home.

His classmates were ready to go to the Quirinal and listen to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano during the traditional ceremony of school year while he, an autistic boy, had to return home because the teacher’s free support. If at the end the baby, named Antonio and has 12 years, attended the event along with all other companions was only due to the protest of parents, alerted by a student’s mother. It was the boy’s mother to explain what happened and the injustice that could be consumed: "this morning I accompanied Antonio. After a brief conversation with the teacher support Coordinator, coordinates other supporting teachers, I left it in the classroom along with teammates, "explained the woman. He then continued: "At 9. 30 I have warned over the phone that the others would go to the Quirinal Hill, Antonio was not on the list because he didn’t have my permission. " But mother knew nothing of the visit to the Quirinale. So the woman went to school to pick up his son and all his teammates, with their shirts and caps colorativi, were prepared to go forward for the party at the Quirinale. If Antonio is unable to go with his classmates was due to the protest of his mom and the solidarity of other parents. "I sent a message to a group of mothers of the school, including the wife of Director Paolo Sorrentino, very sensitive to these issues. I know that they have called the school, managed to talk with the Deputy head and she called to tell me to bring immediately to the school Antonio will accompany her at Quirinal Palace and will remain with him until the end.  Is and remains an absurd story, "explained the mother of autistic student. An absurd story that the school will have to clarify. . Extended data can be read visiting url.

French Ligue 1: Marseille, the Bielsa effect.

Presented upon arrival at Marseille as a revolutionary coach, the Argentine Marcelo Bielsa, praised by peers as Diego Simeone or Pep Guardiola, has developed a few matches to convince, while his team applied its tenets on possession of ball and fast recovery. -Inspiration: I was influenced by Menotti, Jorge Griffa (Cesar) and also by the Ajax’s Louis van Gaal, said Monday Bielsa. Born like him in Rosario, Bielsa could not escape the influence of Menotti, with which it shares the common point might have led the club Newell’s Old Boys. At the end of his playing career, Menotti falls under the spell of the Brazil game, champion world 1970. But it was with a game a little more rough than Argentina, which he is the coach, wins the world Argentina in 1978. Griffa, age 79, retired, was also passed by Newell’s Old Boys, as a player and then as a coach, but it is to Atletico Madrid, that he played the bulk of his playing career. He won the Copa América in 1959. Van Gaal, from 1991 to 1997, he was seen at Ajax a prosperous period, leading the club to three titles of champion of Netherlands, a UEFA Cup (1992) and a champions League (1995). In teams of Menotti, what I remember is the ball handling. Griffa asked him a commitment to 200% and in the Van Gaal Ajax, it is the structure of game that I remember. These three elements are combined and appear in a team that cannot reproduce: Barcelona’s Guardiola. -System: Bielsa had put it in place at Athletic Bilbao and made similarly in Marseille. His system relies on a strong ball possession (58.4% in the win against Rennes Saturday, 58.5 per cent against Nice) and a dry high to seek recovery of fastball. If the former coach of the Argentina surprised by aligning his team in 3-1-3-3 in the first game at Bastia (3-3), then he change his system to align his team today according to a system quite widespread and identical to that set up by Elie Baup at OM in 4-2-3-1. This is different from what I was able to know in my previous three clubs, said Monday the midfielder Romain Alessandrini, arrived from Rennes in the summer. He asks us to play in the opposing camp, to attack and defend at our opponent, to have the ball possession in the half of the opponent (.) . . ) There are a lot of tactics, rigour, it is played on small details. The coach has his vision of things, a device to put in place. Us midfielders, we made more efforts than before but it bears its fruit, so the efforts made easily. -Its characteristic: no, this is not a tradition with me, I have already changed a starting eleven in a team that wins. Yet since Marseille aligns the success (four suite), Bielsa has systematically aligned the same starting team, with the exception of the match against Evian-Thonon, where Rod Fanni has taken the place of Benjamin injured Mendy. The Argentine is L1 coach who brings the least change in his team’s departure for a match to another. Another rare change, after the draw at Bastia and the defeat at the Velodrome (2-0) against Montpellier, Alessandrini has lost his place. Unfortunately for me it made a draw and one defeat when I hold so the coach takes its decisions. But if one wants to be at the top of the table, it should not only 11 players, a season is long. Of course there’s a team, to make us all to join this team. For Bielsa, if there are players who feel fatigue, I can change my team’s departure for the next matches. Finally a reason to rejoice for the Belgian striker Michy Batshuayi, yet never licensed, Moroccan midfielder Abdelaziz Barrada or even Alessandrini author of his first goal Saturday for his new club. . Root facts could be studied clicking the following site.

Buying a palazzo in Rome, Verdini returned to court.

Senator Denis Verdini FL has been postponed for trial by the Court of Rome gup for the story linked to a capital gain of EUR 18 million in the sale of a building in via della Stamperia in the Centre of the capital. With him, who is accused of illegal financing, to Riccardo Conti process of Fi.   According to the Prosecutor’s Office did not have any role Verdini in buying and selling, but a few days later he received from a million Accounts. The trial was set for Jan. 9 before the eighth criminal section. A process is also the former President of the Enpap (ente di previdenza e assistenza of psychologists) Angel Arcicasa. In 2011 the Enpap bought the estate for 44.5 million euros from the company Estatedue srl, administered by Earls, who just hours before had bought for 26 million euros. To Arcicasa and accounts is denied the offence of aggravated scam contest. On balance the Prosecutor alleges the crimes of illegal financing and omitted payment of VAT for more than 8.6 million euros in 2011. . For extra data regarding this matter read

Alsace wants to revive its proposed merger of communities.

More than a year after the failure of the referendum for a fusion of communities in Alsace, Alsatian councils and regional Council requested Monday a revival of the project. The assemblies of the three communities have adopted identical motions requesting the president of the Republic, the Government and the Parliament to abandon the creation of a great Champagne-Ardenne/Alsace/Lorraine region and create a single territorial community in Alsace, the merger of their three communities. The regional Council of Alsace, 38 elected members voted for, 3 against, one abstained while five elected officials PS did not participate in the vote. At the general Council of the upper Rhine, the text approved by 27 votes for (mainly in the ranks of the UMP, IDU, and the self-employed), 1 abstention 1 vote against, while two elected PS have not participated. The general Council of the Bas-Rhin, eight councilors PS did not participate in the vote and 36 others have voted for. The announcement of a merger of Alsace with the champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine had persuaded Councillors still opposed more than a year ago to a fusion of Alsatian communities, to join this unique Council of Alsace project, rejected by referendum in April 2013. At this referendum held April 7, 2013, abstention was such that Yes, although majority in votes cast at the regional level, had not exceeded the threshold of 25% of registrants. And a majority of voters had rejected the project in the Department of Haut-Rhin, encouraged by a sling of local elected representatives. . For additional about this subject click info.

Radio in the Usa, California: first stop today in Silicon Valley visit Twitter, Google and Yahoo.

SAN FRANCISCO-Before the heart of the technological world universe, then a move to New York for the UN General Assembly and finally Detroit to visit the Fiat Chrysler along with Sergio Marchionne. Promises a visit full of commitments that of premier Italian Matteo Renzi in the United States. The Prime Minister arrived tonight in California, the first leg of a trip that will take him to visit the web Giants Twitter, Google and Yahoo. The stages of San Francisco and Detroit are highly symbolic of the battle at work that Renzi wants to win in Italy and the trip comes at a time when the Prime Minister is engaged in labour market reform, opposed by minority unions and Pd. The first American event was a dinner with business leaders, top scientist and opinion leaders of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, offered by Stanford University President John Hennessy. Among others there were also two former U.s. Secretaries of State, George Shultz (with Ronald Reagan) and Condoleezza Rice (with George w. Bush). The Prime Minister gave a brief greeting speech in which he emphasized his Government’s commitment to an Italy more open to the world and to technological innovation. At dinner there were also Italian personalities who are well established in Silicon Valley, as Luca Maestri, the new Chief Financial Officer of Apple computer, which has responsibility for liquidity management of more than 100 billion dollars, and Diego Piacentini, the international leader of Amazon. Com. Today (starting 17 Italian time) is scheduled to meet with top managers of Yahoo! (the a. d. Marissa Mayer), Twitter (the a. d. Dick Costolo) and Google, as well as those with 150 managers and start-ups with scientists and teachers in Italy (in Silicon Valley there are ben 5.000). Then the inauguration of an international bilingual school frequented by children of the brain drain. By Tuesday, the Prime Minister will be in New York for the inaugural session of the UN General Assembly 69ma where should intervene Thursday. First date the Summit on climate change, then an interview with Bill and Hillary Clinton, the former President and the next possible democratic candidate to the White House. In bilateral meetings, the speech at the Palace of glass and participation in various conferences and events, Thursday, also a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations (as already had done his predecessors and Read) focused on economic issues and particularly on youth employment. The last leg is scheduled Friday in Detroit, where together with Sergio Marchionne will visit the headquarters of Fiat Auto, Chrysler in Auburn Hills, before leaving for Rome.   . You should visit the following to read extra on this amazing matter.

Islamic State: Holland and only Obama in the war.

The diagnosis made by the security experts and politics over Daech is relentless. It is the greatest terrorist threat which has never threatened the stability of the world over the past decades. A terrorist organization that has succeeded by force of arms to grab hold of a geographically identified territory, manages it on behalf of a bloodthirsty religion design, openly threatens to spread to other countries to destabilize them and conquer them, exerts an irresistible attraction for certain categories of young people in Europe and in the Arab world, and plans to return them to their countries of origin to commit terrorist attacks. It is on the basis of this nightmarish diagnosis that the international community promised to eradicate it. A major manhood declarations were heard in Jeddah, Paris and Washington. And a solid conviction is installed. From the moment where opinion had witnessed this flood of indignant denunciations and inflamed posture, disappearance of Daech was only a matter of time. No organization terrorist, if powerful it may be, cannot resist the roll, in principle, compressor, the determination of the international community. And yet nothing is air to pass as the political and military logic would suggest. While the France has officially entered into war against Daech starting its strikes against its positions in Iraq, a great malaise hangs over this military action. The reason: after a Summit in large pumps in Paris and an international military coalition claironnée American by John Kerry, only Paris and Washington appear to be militarily involved in the war against this terrorist organization. This situation provides information on two essential points. The first is that the couple Franco-American officially enthusiastic to eradicate Daech failed to convince its most intimate strategic allies to participate in this military operation. Hence the major reservations expressed by Turkey, where the political distance taken by the countries of the gulfs that announce their intentions to participate and invest more in humanitarian aid than in the military. The second point, as a result of the first requires Barack Obama and Francois Hollande to consider that air strikes to treat Daech and exclude the redeployment of troops on the ground. This strategy, even if it can show from time to time effective to halt the progress of Daech, will not eradicate it completely and maintain the region a permanent terrorist pressure. Moreover, in this kind of confrontation, time becomes one of the parameters of victory or defeat. One of the most logical explanations to this impasse is impotence or lack of American determination to reach a great agreement between the Iran and the Sunni majority Gulf countries around this war tale Daech. Where the Iranians can’t look forward to participate in this great hunt for terrorists of Daech, Saudi Arabia and its sphere of influence countries drag their feet lest see once again the Shiite axis reap all the benefits of this war American counter-terrorism. At the heart of this tussle, the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. The Iranians want to transform this war against Daech in Lifeline for its survival. That refuse to the Gulf countries. Where such refusal, or rather the hesitation of the coalition to hit positions of Daech in Syria. The secret of such hesitation of these Gulf countries is that their rejection of the Damascus regime is more bitter that their fear of Daech and their rejection of the Iranian companionship is more acute than their desire to physically end this terrorist organization. It is easy to imagine in the best case scenario in a large distribution of role and missions, he was asked to some Arab countries to invest more in military field rather than intelligence in war operations. This role distribution can be described as follows: the Americans and the French aerial bombardment, the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmergas fighting in ground to physically defeat the jihadists of Daech, and Arab countries to bring care of militarily usable intelligence through undercover operations in the field and within the groups of the Daechfirst to geo – locate their most sensitive positions and try to abort their deadliest terrorist designs. It is true that, as a precautionary policy, Barack Obama and François Hollande, the two door flags of the war against Daech held to inform their opinions that this war does not win in a blitz. This is the kind of military engagement that consumes time and resources. A hot, this posture can go unnoticed and do no reserve. But words, and especially if the military strategy followed, namely to settle at the moment of air strikes on the Iraqi Daech and arming the Kurds, does not bear fruit does not rid the region and the world of this terrorist threat, the boomerang effect is likely to be violent. Can the views in these two countries withstand the invoice of a long war if concrete results are not visible at the end of this Warrior sequence? The great anguish of Barack Obama and François Hollande is to be forced to deploy forces on the ground,. What will totally change the appearance of this war,, Inspirational data could be studied checking this

Energy: Siemens bought the American Group Dresser-Rand for $ 7.6 billion.

The German giant Siemens announced Sunday that he bought out the American manufacturer of turbines and compressors Dresser-Rand to become a heavy weight of gas extraction in full expansion in the United States with shale gas. The industrial conglomerate Siemens offers a price of 83 dollars share, valuing the transaction at $ 7.6 billion (5.8 billion euros) including debt, said the Group of Munich on its site. The Siemens Supervisory Board has approved the decision of the Board of Directors to conclude an agreement with Dresser-Rand, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, to acquire all the outstanding securities at the end of a friendly purchase offer, the statement said. Siemens intends to conclude the transaction, which values the Group of Houston (Texas) to more than twice its turnover, by summer 2015. Wall Street, as Dresser-Rand had finished Friday lively up 9.42% to 79.95 dollars, while information circulated on the interest of Siemens for the group, already coveted by the Switzerland Sulzer AG. The offer price represents a premium of 37.4% up on the action to July 16 (60.42 dollars) until speculation about a reconciliation of the group appear in the press, for its part said Dresser-Rand in a press release Sunday. This acquisition allows Siemens to strengthen in gas extraction activities and take advantage of the expansion of shale gas production in the United States. The name and Mark Dresser-Rand as well as its management team will be retained by Siemens which is Houston headquarters of its activities in the oil and gas, indicate the American group. Dresser-Rand is ideal for portfolio of Siemens. The activities of the two groups combined will create a world-class supplier for the oil and gas markets expanding, stated Joe Kaeser, Siemens CEO. Dresser-Rand employs 8. 000 people worldwide and has a turnover of 3.03 billion in 2013. Our goal is to become the leader of Rotary high-speed equipment and integration of systems for the oil and gas industry, said the CEO of Dresser-Rand, Vincent Volpe. By this buyout cash, Siemens cap on the pole the Swiss industrial conglomerate Sulzer, which had affirmed being non-exclusive discussions with Dresser-Rand to merge. The U.S. General Electric (GE) had also confirmed having held preliminary talks with the Group of Houston for a rapprochement. The patron of Dresser-Rand Mr. Volpe noted Sunday that after a serious competitive tendering process, the Group was pleased to have reached this agreement with Siemens that maximizes the value of the Group and brings significant benefits to shareholders. The German giant, whose turnover reached 97 billion in 2013, has already redeemed in the spring the activities of production of gas turbines and compressors of the British Rolls-Royce. This acquisition for about $ 1.3 billion had already enabled the German group to expand into the field of the equipment for the oil and gas industry. Operation is subject to the approval of the authorities of regulations in the United States and Europe. . Root source can be read clicking this blog.

Bundeswehr: German Navy limited operational.

Therefore, auditors had determined on June 16 on board frigate Lübeck on a sea Lynx scoured through a 20-centimetre. You then decided to suspend the operation of the flight with this helicopter pattern until further notice. Ordered special inspections would have arisen a similar picture of the damage and extensive complaints in additional helicopters to three other helicopters, it said. Since August 7, the helicopter under certain conditions to fly again. The examiners put down the maximum take-off weight and required additional controls. The necessary repairs continue however, according to the template further, so that none of these aircraft is currently flugklar.    The paper from the Ministry says the Naval Aviation command instructed 5 the naval air squadron on 3 September 2014, to make preparations for the scheduled September 18, 2014 embarkation of two helicopters Mk88A on the frigate Lübeck for the usage of ‘Atalanta’. This loss meant a significant loss of ability for the task force and the order fulfillment. The Bundeswehr is against pirates in the Horn of Africa. . Main data may be read checking the following site.

Sarkozy is back with this belligerent spirit which he has never been able to divest.

The aggressiveness of his opponents will be the image that it takes to return, ensures the columnist. The war is already declared on the right. At a time where the UMP is struggling to recover from the election failed of its president and its financial difficulties, it could not survive this new situation and rivalries that it will feed. Alain Juppé and François Fillon thus not went with the back of the spoon yesterday, taking each of the scathing remarks against the former head of State. The loser of 2012 cannot only be aware: for him, it will or it will break. Paul-Henri of the Limbert is optimistic more in Le Figaro saying that the return of Nicolas Sarkozy has the merit to close an inglorious chapter in the history of the French right and the UMP, which inaudible, fragmented, despairing, tempered 28 months, sending crockery in figure and will warp in unnecessary quarrels, enamelled smelly business.   The anti-Sarko may come into resistance, the steamroller started the first on small screen. Not without a hint of nervousness, but on the way of the rally. Not without a slight overdose of ego, but looking for new collective ideal. Not without falling into the trap of anger, but playing on the emotions and compassion register. Thirty-two months before the presidential election by 2017 (,.). Thirty-two months during which we reshuffle us the ears, to the disgust of a possible remake between François Holland and Nicolas Sarkozy. . You can click the following to learn extra regarding this interesting subject.