Baby beat and exhibited on Facebook: parents indicted.

The parents of a baby for another month, a picture with traces of blows which was published on Facebook, were indicted this evening for abuse of minor, told AFP from the Prosecutor’s office of Laon. This pair of Aisne was put under investigation for abuse of minor under 15 years resulting in permanent disabilities, told AFP the parquet, indicating that he had requested placement in detention on remand of the father and of the mother 20 years or older.  The baby, whose life-threatening is not engaged, likely consequences of neurological nature, on the extent of which it is impossible to decide at the present time, said prosecutors.  According to a source close to the investigation, the police were alerted by telephone Monday by a person close to this couple of Tergnier (Aisne), who reported seeing on Facebook from one of his contacts page an image of the baby that seemed abnormal. The police after audits found that the child seemed badly in point and convened the mother who came to the police station with the baby the State still seemed more serious than on the photo, according to the source. The father was arrested later Monday.  Before the investigators, he recognized the facts and explained that he hit the child at night because he could not bear his cries, according to the same source, who indicated that the incriminating acts have occurred since the birth of the child.  During his custody, the father would have explained having circulated the picture on Facebook for fun, said from same source. The mother, witness, would not have dared contact the police for fear of losing her husband, yet explained the source close to the investigation, who spoke about a situation of social misery about young parents, both unemployed. . Inspirational facts may be found reading the following weblink.

(S) Alfred E. – two dead! He must live with this guilt.

Linz – an incomprehensible accident drama in Austria: mid night Alfred raced E. (56) in the car of a German family. A nine year old girl and his 20-year old brother died. The Suff INAS escaped unscathed–he must now live to have driven two people dead. What did the anonymous to his insanity ride, is not known. According to information of the Austrian news portal today. at worked Alfred E. until 2006 as head of nursing in a nursing home. Then he hired as death at the Hospice of vöcklabruck. Due to his training "Geriatric specialist care" and "Basic and medium Pflegemanagament" he was "perfect" for the profession, so the assessment of his colleagues. According to Statistics Austria, 107 people in accidents came through (s) killed in the Alpine Republic since 1987. The numbers declined in the past few years, in 1998 there were twelve dead, 2013, two people died. Since the year 2000, there are (s) warning signs on the highways in Austria. . Related text can be inspected clicking reference.

Dead in Jewish Museum: accused of alleged Brussels-assassin of murder.

Brussels – the Belgian judiciary accuses the French Algerian Islamists killed four suspected people in the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, murder in terrorist related. An arrest warrant had been issued against the 29-year old Mehdi Nemmouche, the public prosecutor’s Office said. The French authorities of Nemmouche in Belgium had passed the day before. The attack on the Museum in Brussels horror worldwide had raised. He stoked the fear of attacks by jihadis who return from the civil war country Syria. Nemmouche spent more than a year in Syria alongside Islamist fighters. Before he was sentenced several times in France among others for robbery. During his last jail stay between 2007 and 2012 he turned to apparently radical Islam. Nemmouche refused to testify at the hearing. His lawyer Sébastien Courtoy justified the refusal with leaks at the authorities, were reached by the information about the proceedings to the press. His client put no importance to the fact that his statements reflected the next day in the tabloids, said Courtoy. According to Belgian media reports, Nemmouche will be taken to a prison in the southern Belgian city of Mons. In addition, investigators are planning a crime with Nemmouche in the center of Brussels. . Additional facts can be read checking

Islam: The false theories of the Lord fixed.

Nicolaus Fest, Vice editor-in-Chief of Bild am Sonntag (BamS), has published a controversial comment, in which he argues that it bothers about Islam and the Muslims – about forced marriages and honour killings. Immediately, there was criticism from all sides. Even the tip of the Bild-Zeitung distanced himself from his statements.   In his commentary encompassing only 106 words, notes on five allegations, the critics consider to be confest. But is any of his allegations so easy to refute? TIME ONLINE, the five main thesis has discussed with two scientists. Klaus Boehnke, who has worked on a study of the Ministry of the Interior to the life worlds of young Muslims in Germany, especially in annoys is that the comment by set become always malicious and incredible set. Klaus Boehnke: So flat you can’t say that. In the past, there were studies that have come to such a conclusion. There were but neglected the wallpapers. Immigrants are clearly disadvantaged in the education system, resulting in a greater delinquency. Also, people with Muslim immigrant backgrounds more into the visor of police measures. The Muslim faith even helps to dampen the crime. Devout Muslims Yes do not drink alcohol. And many crimes by young people have something to do with alcohol. In principle, the religion is so even a protection factor.   Kassis: Also here: there is not Islam. In any case, there is not a deadly ready contempt of Islam for women. And I think that it is at the moment, for example, difficult to be gay as in Egypt, Malaysia, or in Kosovo in Russia. That fixed only grabs the Muslims from all those who have homophobic prejudices, tantamount to a hint: only are there. We have no problem with homosexuals! Bamboo: This is geschichtslos. Where anti-Semitic pogroms in all severity have occurred in the last hundred years, we know. Probably, Mr Festival refers to the anti-Semitic slogans that were shouted anti-Israeli demonstrations against the war in Gaza. Anti-Semitism is something that we must fight on each side. But we must not forget, that anti-Semitism and Islamophobia dine in part from same attitude. It must be clear that the defense of otherness in democracies is a matter of political debate and it is not the religious affiliation can be reduced. . Main facts can be studied reading this source.

The Mona Lisa disguised as a jihadist: an Israeli Embassy creates controversy.

The Mona Lisa veiled holding in her arms a rocket, Michelangelo’s David, wearing a belt of explosives. The Embassy of Israel in Ireland focused this weekend the anger of English and Irish users posting Saturday on his Twitter feed of clichés masquerading famous works of art in Islamic militants. The shock diversion was accompanied by the legend "today Israel, tomorrow the France / the Italy.» Israel is the last frontier of the free world. " In addition to Mona Lisa and David, the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen is found with a gun and the statue of Molly Malone in Dublin of a niqaab. On its thread, you can see tweets criticizing the conflict coverage by the media of Eire or support pro – Gaza much of public opinion in the island. "How many Irish will continue to defend Hamas and its supposed freedom of expression?", protested a tweet announcing the execution by the Islamist movement of civilians accused of collaborating with the Israelis. "Expensive Sunday Independent, why you focus both on Israel and not on other much important problems in the world?" another says. . You can read the following blog to discover extra about this great matter.

Bundesbank Chief: Weidmann giving rise to exposure for sharp Lohnplus.

Frankfurt am main/Berlin – Bundesbank Chief Jens Weidmann has explained the reasons for the claim of his Institute for higher wages in Germany. The labour market today in considerably better shape than in past years, Walker said the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). In a number of industries and regions there was virtually full employment, and messages about labor shortages became more frequent. In this respect, it is in the nature of things and is also to be welcomed that the wages rise more as to the days in which was the German economy in much worse shape. It is true, however, that wage settlements with a view to the specific situation of individual sectors should be agreed. The Bundesbank Chief expressed in the FAZ interview too, threatening conflict in the ECB over the purchase of credit securitization. Walker warned against an acquisition buying controversial ABS (asset backed securities) papers on a large scale. ABS purchases would be problematic if central banks to assume greater risks, which would be shifted so as a result to the taxpayer. It is unacceptable, that profits from credit transactions with banks remain, however, the losses are socialized. . Additional text can be read checking info.

Health: Usa, after transplantation of human face on its cover on ‘ GQ ‘.

Rome, July 29. (Reuters Health)-the new face of Richard Lee Norris, the man who underwent the complete face transplant, is the ‘ star ‘ choice for the cover of the latest issue of ‘ GQ ‘, the famous American magazine. The story of Norris, who was the victim in 1997-just 22 years-an incident with a firearm, which has disfigured his face completely defacing forever nose, jaw, teeth and tongue, is the story chosen by the magazine for a radical change in its editorial line. The guy after years of isolation and occasional single releases during the night hours so as not to be seen, he completed the face transplant in 2012. Two years after the operation-the ‘ Telegraph ‘-the boy’s recovery goes well, although it will have to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of his life. There is also the risk that her body will reject the new face at any time. Every day-tells Norris on ‘ GQ ‘-I wake up with this fear. The surgery lasted 36 hours and involved 150 between doctors and nurses at the University of Maryland. The new skin was transplanted from the neck to the scalp, as well as the upper and lower jaw, teeth and a section of the tongue. Doctors had given only a 50% chance of survival, now two years after the operation Norris is back to live. When I was disfigured-explains Norris-the more I was surprised that people who met while walking in danger of hurting yourself bumping posts on the sidewalk for staring at me. Now there’s none that I pay attention, do not know that I had a full face transplant. . Original source could be found visiting this

Mohamed VI celebrates fifteen years of reign.

The Morocco cultivates the image of a stable country, when the entire region is embroiled in intense political disputes. "The Arab spring has been absorbed by the rapid reaction of the monarchy", analysis Pierre Vermeren, Professor of history of the Maghreb at the University Paris I. The democratic promises of the new constitution of 2011 do not clear less fears of a rise of Islamism. And after Mohammed Hassad, the Minister of the Interior, more than 3. 000 Moroccan and European citizens of Moroccan origin are affiliated to terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria. The remembrance of the attacks in Casablanca in 2003 and Marrakech, in 2011, remains always pregnant. The reforms desired by the monarch, Tarik Sandhu, Director general of the Moroccan fund for the development of tourism, observes them for fifteen years. "The reign of Hassan II, we were in a strong State with a patriotic approach" problems. Now "approach is a citizen. Economic development is for everyone and the differences are less garish"notes the businessman who said the emergence of a base of consumers and a middle class. But the development of the country remains to be completed, and to reduce social inequalities. Thus, the index of human development (index HDI) of the Morocco remains very average, comparable to that of the Iraq or the Nicaragua. The way’M VI’ management is also challenged by a segment of the population, denouncing cronyism and corruption. These specific to many emerging countries derivatives do not jeopardize the underlying trend. As the evolution of the business climate. "The environment is more open, more dynamic sectors and marked by an increased number of stakeholders» note the businessman. It is the case for the distribution, FMCG or for real estate yet. In a rather positive, the economy still needs to emancipate themselves from agricultural pressure (40% of the active population). Thus, after an excellent vintage 2013, particularly for cereals, this year looks worse and will weigh on GDP (+ 1.7% in the first quarter compared to + 3.8% a year earlier). . Extended info can be read visiting reference.

Our boys, De Matteo in Venice with the acrobats of feelings.

I was electrocuted from the book by Herman Koch, dinner. Maybe because I have a son almost adolescent. I wondered, how does he: If your child makes a serious stunt, how you behave? Explodes the conflict between moral consciousness and family happiness. Ivano De Matteo has quickly realized that it had to have the rights to the book. After having worked a year and be successful with my wife Valentina Ferlan, then I discovered that bought them even Cate Blanchett who wants to take him to the cinema in his directorial debut. Is ready for our boys, who you will see at the Giornate degli autori to Venice, then get in the Hall in September. And which we present the trailer for a preview. In many things. The book takes place in a restaurant, we have opened to the world with a prologue, a strong opening scene that makes us know the families of two brothers. One, Luigi Lo Cascio, married to Giovanna Mezzogiorno. The other Alessandro Gassman, for his second wife, Barbara Berry. Both have teenage children who, in the book, were male. I turned one of them into a female to give the role to Rosabell Lakshman Sellers, which I consider one of my favorite actress ever since I folgorò to audition for The tightrope walkers. Is special, I hope to continue making movies with her. Yes. To unleash everything is an occurrence that can happen to anyone. And you find yourself having to decide how much you can give to your conscience at the expense of the happiness that you have built over the years. If your child does something serious I betray? From this point of view, the film is a shot in the stomach. After I did I dont know yet answer that question, except that I hope doesn’t happen ever. I immediately thought of Alessandro Gassman as lawyer in the book was a politician, a character with the hair on the stomach, apparently slight. The other book, Lo Cascio, a Professor, a healthy surgeon pediatrician principles. But then anything can happen, when you discover the cards everything changes. I consider it the latest chapter of a trilogy. The Red wire is the family and its explosion. In the beautiful people there was a person who scardinava the family solid mechanism, the prostitute. In The tightrope walkers was the man who came from the family and shattered. In this there is a strong event that destabilizes the two families. Compared to The popular Rome, this time facing acrobats instead the bourgeoisie capitolina. I am very happy. With The tightrope walkers have been in the section Horizons and I was happy. This year in Venice there is so much Italian cinema and I am very happy to be at the Giornate degli autori, because mine is a film that fits nicely in there. The program seems great, this year there is also a competition. And I’m happy to do this job, continue to tell my stories. . Inspirational facts can be read checking this web site.

New Robins of the wood of the large distribution.

But course and these Gopal will continue to live like that every day of their lives!It would surprise me, but the main thing is that they are made of the pub and behind any pub, there are money scratch for their apples. In addition to feed people to the questionable hygiene products or which the expiration date is exceeded, especially if these products are theft, committed the criminal responsibility and civil food poisoning!If Decius, it will pick up in the prison, must not play with this kind of stuff!Furthermore they have not invented the wire to cut the butter, it makes beautiful lurette that supermarkets give to charitable actions (popular relief, secours Catholic Ext,,)of canned and dry products in limit of date of sale. When the meat and especially the fish I advise to never play with the freshness of the product because there is either the höstö or the cemetery. . Inspirational data can be studied reading the following resource.