Design tools to modify efficiently drugs, perfumes, and herbicides.

Human hands are asymmetrical and are Chiral, i.e., one of the other are mirror images, but cannot them match. This takes place in a parallel manner in most organic molecules present in living organisms. These two non-superimposable mirror images are called enantiomers and the mixture of two enantiomers of a compound is called mix racemic. But frequently the two enantiomers of a biologically active molecule does not have the same function, because recipients of living organisms are composed of molecules (amino acids and carbohydrates) in which nature has chosen a form enantiomeric while that rejected the other. This asymmetry has biological and genetic implications, and they are the reason for the experts of the Group of Stereoselective synthesis study that directed by the Professor of the University of Seville, Rosario Fernández Fernández, involves personnel from the organic chemistry department in close collaboration with the Group of Prof. José Mª Lassaletta of the Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas (CSIC-US). This group of developed new strategies that permit control chemical reactions in which the chirality plays an important role in very different fields, including synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, the agrochemical, natural products chemistry, the chemistry of fragrances or aromas, industry, Agrochemistry and, above all, the pharmaceutical industry. Our research is directed towards the development of new synthetic methods that allow to carry out in the laboratory and in industry synthesis of substances which present an asymmetry designed and controlled in an artificial way to get interactions appropriate recipient centers that are present in living organisms. Our approach is aimed at the process catalytic enantioselective involving the maximum Atomic economy, which respond to the principles of green chemistry, and in some cases, as in the of organocatalysis, avoids the use of metals, undesirable in some cases in the synthesis of new drugs"advises Rosario Fernández. . Inspirational data can be read checking the following

Fusion EPP – RSA activity: why this isn’t necessarily good news.

Is the new device, meant to restore the purchasing power of more modest employees. François Hollande announced this Wednesday, in an interview with the world, the merger of the employment (PPE) bonus and the RSA activity. Added to an amendment of the schedule of tax revenues for the first instalments, it comes to compensate the censorship by the Constitutional Council on 6 August, the removal of payroll taxes for workers paid up to 1.3 times the minimum wage. The issue of the merger, according to the head of State: favour the resumption of the work and improve the compensation of precarious employees. Really? Decryption. How the EPP and the RSA work today? The premium for employment (PPE) was invented under Lionel Jospin in 2001, in a context that is reminiscent of today. The Government, which wanted to restore the purchasing power to most low-paid workers, had first tried to introduce a generalised social contribution (CSG) progressive. But, like the deduction on contributions proposed by the Government of Manuel Valls, the idea has been retoquée by the Constitutional Council. The EPP then came as a replacement. Tax arrangements, it is to reduce tax on the income of the poorest workers; those who pay already not receive a tax credit. Why merge them? The proposal to merge EPP and RSA activity was made a year ago, in a report submitted to the Government by the MP PS Christophe Sirugue. It called together the two devices in a premium of activity. The idea was to compensate for the time the disadvantages of the EPP and those of the RSA. The latter is considered difficult to argue, for example, for the 18-24 age group who must complete drastic conditions. As the EPP, criticisms are often arrive too late, since it was paid with a year to offset the payment of income tax. Moreover, distributed widely, it leads report Satan a dusting of public expenditure and insufficient targeting employees who need it. That could be the beneficiaries? The terms of the merger were not specified Wednesday. The Prime Minister will bring clarification in the coming days, promised the spokesman for the Government. But in all likelihood, the device will the philosophy of the report Satan, also quoted by Stéphane Le Foll during his press conference. The premium would be open to all workers from 18 years and incomes are between 0 and 1,2 Smic (approx. 1600 euros net). The amount would be up to 215 euros. If the income of the household would enter into account to define eligibility, it would be calculated only on individual salary. The CIF would pay each month, on the basis of statements made by the beneficiary every three months. Finally, additional measures are planned to take account of the situation of the most fragile publics (single-parent families, monoactives). Why this is not necessarily good news? If the report Satan is followed, as it emerges, the EPP will blend in with the new device. Forgotten tax drawback, it will take to benefit from completing certain criteria and a folder. And the 6.3 million people who currently receive the EPP will not all eligible for the new aid, supposed to be better targeted. So there will be many losers. And this will be a full, predicts messy for metronews Economist Evelyne Serveri, consulted in the report Satan. The RSA system, managed by CAF, is heavy: one enters a mechanism of files, controls, indus, a true infernal machine! Even simplified, believes the expert, this type of device based on the constitution of a folder will inevitably lead to a phenomenon of non-use. Besides currently, the RSA is claimed by only 32% of potential beneficiaries. The Government’s argument is then just found: those who will really need will make the request. But in saying this, it confuses social benefit and income supplements, statement Evelyne Serveri. However if we really want to support the work, should take a supplement to insufficient revenues. And for this, only automatic tax rebate tax logic, can be effective. But it is less advantageous for the Government,, For more on this topic visit reference.

US-generation portrait: the taming of the possessed.

It is awkward, this 15-year old Julie Jacobson from the desolate New York suburb. This also not especially pretty, with a permed poodle head. But she has the good fortune to be there. In this a warm July night of 1974, in which everything takes its beginning. Five teenagers sitting with her in a teepee in the midst of a summer camp for artistically interested children, the spirit-in-the-Woods. They all seem so much casual, more mature than Julie, how they entertain themselves on European literature and flavor any remark with irony. But then, the outsider throws itself a comment in the round, with staubtrockenem humor. Your ticket to another world. From Julie Jules, the metamorphosis begins. Material success on the one hand, a life on the breadline on the other: The bond between the old friends seems still strong, but it is undercut by creeping envy. Jules can escape hardly which, in all their frustration in the face of the own, but have become so dull life. Always, it remains the former misfit who must still always the hardest fight, fixed point of the novel. Meg Wolitzer repeatedly omits a number of years, then again delve into precise scenes. Some of them are obviously significant, others learn how of her characters based on apparent adornment. Wolitzers strength lies in not so much in the deeper meaning, that is clear. 40 years want to be told first, for linguistic originality, there is little room for in differences. The narrative voice remains factual, clear, but also so pale. There are the credible dialogue, through the Wolitzers figures reveal. And there are small scenes that convey is how much tragedy and beauty in equal proportions in long, inflated expectations friendships. How much do you admits the other changes? How much self? Extent to which you must move away from familiar images? Or the own life goals? For additional insights regarding this topic check homepage.

Champions League: Arsenal pushed, Naples in danger.

Arsenal, held in check by Besiktas (0-0) was pushed, Tuesday in dam go to the champions League, while Naples is in danger before returning after the draw conceded at home against Athletic Bilbao (1-1). Without the precious goal scored on the outside, the Gunners will have the obligation to impose itself at the Emirates Stadium next Wednesday in an undecided rematch. They will have to do without Aaron Ramsey, goalscorer during the Community Shield and the first day of the Championship, excluded ten minutes from the end of the match for a second warning. If the English have hit the post by Oxlade-Chamberlain at the end of game (88), they can be lucky to walk away with their inviolate cage, both the Turks dominated the discussions. -Small Higuain exploit Рafter two seconds of game, the bumpy pitch at Ataturk Olympic stadium was almost theatre of the fastest goal in the history of the C1, including preliminary phase. On the kickoff, the international Ivorian Besiktas Demba Ba, recruited this summer at Chelsea, attempted to lober a slightly advanced Szczesny, who still managed to divert the mad attempt to the end of the gloves,. with the help of his crossbar. BA has recurred a few minutes later with a superb cover of fly, pushed back by the Polish Porter of Arsenal (9). Apart from the hold up missed by Oxlade-Chamberlain, the second period is summarized in a physical duel between the two teams that have struggled to create clear chances. Naples, through a personal feat, Higuain replied at the opening of the score of Bilbao by Muniain, served well indented by of Marcos (42). A match (1-1) which will oblige the Neapolitans to take risks to return to the Basques if they want to win their qualification. The atmosphere promises to be hot at San Mames, which the Spaniards Benitez, Callejon, Albiol or Michu and the Argentine Higuain familiar,. In the other games, Bayer Leverkusen took an option by going to prevail 3-2 in Copenhagen, a score sealed at the end of the first period. By reducing the score in stoppage time in Salzburg (2-1), the Swedish in Malm̦ have kept intact their chances before the return. Results of the dams go League champions played Tuesday and Wednesday: MardiSalzbourg (AUT) РMalm̦ (SWE) 2-1Steaua Bucharest (ROM) РLudogorets (BUL) 1-0Besiktas (TUR) РArsenal (ENG) 0 Р0FC Copenhagen (DEN) РBayer Leverkusen (GER) 2-3Naples (ITA) РAthletic Bilbao (ESP) 1-1wednesday (18 h 45 GMT) Standard Liege (BEL) РZenit Saint-Petersburg (RUS) Lille (FRA) РFC Porto (POR) Maribor (SLO) РCeltic Glasgow (SCO) Aalborg (DEN) РApoel FC (CYP) Slovan Bratislava (SVK) РBATE Borisov (BLR). You can click the following reference to discover extra on this great subject.

Pakistan: the political crisis raised fears a military coup.

That is four days that Imran Khan and his supporters are encamped in the capital. Objective: Hunt the power the man who allegedly stole them victory in the legislative elections of 2013. Imran Khan accused the Muslim League of Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif (PML – N) have stuffed the ballot box, winning 126 seats and a majority in the lower House. The PTI did in had harvested only 28. International observers had judged the regular ballot. But Imran Khan had contested the results upon publication. A year later, this retired cricketer known for his tenacity does not give up. "Even if the Government proposes a fresh vote in certain constituencies and a reform of the electoral system, we will not give way, says Imran Ismail, Deputy Secretary general of the PTI. Nawaz Sharif must go and allow new elections to take place. "Faced with this impasse, all eyes turn to the army. Will support the Government if the PTI is attempting to occupy official buildings in the red zone? The army has excuses to overthrow the Government if violence broke out, judge Ayesha Siddiqa, academic and specialist of the Pakistan army. Companies are increasingly difficult to work, because the Government has blocked several roads to the capital. The Karachi stock exchange is in freefall. The generals could force Nawaz Sharif to withdraw in order to revive the economy running. . Extended facts can be read checking

Health: Snami, Renzi intervene on medical insurance costs.

Milan, Aug 19. (Reuters Health)-the President of the Council to take action against Matteo Renzi risk that insurance companies can speculate on the obligation for doctors to take out insurance to cover any damage caused to patients during the exercise of professional activities. How to ‘ do ‘ man, the premier is a strong promoter of reduction of costs for the white coats. The appeal is the Sindacato nazionale autonomo Italian doctors (Snami). As general practitioners said in a statement the Angel head, National President Snami-we are at a disadvantage because we cannot enjoy our Sla coverage or any reductions and simplifications of the path laid down in the insurance company itself. In our situation are young doctors and colleagues who perform private professional activity. In fact the Decree Balduzzi-Francesco D’accardi continues, national vice President Snami-enshrined a big gift to the insurance companies in a context where the confusion and carelessness are King. A revolution would require certainty and clear paths based on reasonableness, even at the same rates. Inter alia, professionals do not know with certainty what might be the penalties that the law is so undefined. We turn directly to Matteo Renzi-Head-ends because by ‘ do ‘ man which you define and which deserves credit, to intervene in this situation of uncertainty of insurance. Common sense and the law of the market wants policies costs should fall through a natural and transparent sequence of lower costs. Expect the new implementing regulation should focus. . For additional data on this topic click

IS propaganda in social networks: after the assassination of a candy bar.

The young man in the video could be also a game fanatic, a cosplayer, one of Gamescom visitors who walk around in the costumes of their favorite heroes and talk about levels, cheats and walkthroughs: "Allah has given me the key, opened the door." Now he is in the third level, in the Jihad. Along the way he has learned a smattering of Arabic and dealing with weapons. It not, but plenty, lurking to the side of the road is the a final boss. In the first place are the infidels, but quite closely followed by all non-radical Muslims, Shiites in particular, as well as other terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda. The young man with a beard and gun belongs to the terror group Islamic State. First, he was Al Nusra Member, but noted that there "very much nonsense is spoken". When IS it was quite different. What discussion in the "life of Bryan" the sounds "People’s front of Judea", attributable to Pythons like Monty but facts. The formulation of political objectives of IS not exhausted just in battle cry, but includes all collections of assassinations in the manner of economic reports.    Future jihadists are recruited with facts, it is said in the video. It is not only blind, religious fanaticism that drives the Frischbekehrten, but also knowledge: mainly about the good structure of the organization. However, the propaganda machine in addition to the head speaks to the heart. Especially on the team spirit is appealing, which adds a touch of Scout nostalgia for the combative enterprise. Or, to stay in the picture, the struggle between Assassenen, Saracens and Templar hardly overlook the thrill of a computer game such as Assassin’s creed, where as non-players. Stresses the brotherhood of the holy warriors: "We are a family," says. Also pictures of Cola and chocolate bars are circulating in the social networks and be equipped with appropriate comments of the fighters: "I know I should thank Allah a lot for the various blessings that are here. Never imagined would’t eat snickers here". Special treatment for the fighters, everything for the front. That being said but also execution videos through the network, which is only about killing and power – for those who are already a few level ghosts. The channels on which the propaganda is operated, are diverse. Often, the posts of a blog can be divided not only emailed, but per button with ten different networks. Of course Facebook, Twitter and Google are plus, but also exotic animals such as StumbleUpon can be found in the list. Also just paste is especially popular with jihadists. it – the website of Mariusz Å»urawek, a Polish student. Just paste. It can be shared with others any content without prior registration. A clean bill of health, it seems, for the upload glorify violence videos, photos, and writings. . Related info can be read reading

Ebola spread: Africa is not equal to Africa.

Two messages from recently depicted the bandwidth in Africa: A message is of the Ebola epidemic, by more than a thousand dead and the fact that in Liberia whole districts have been quarantined by the army. The second message comes from Congo-Kinshasa. She reports of new discoveries in Lake Albert on the Ugandan border. Allegedly three billion barrels to store under the Sea oil; the whole region is looking forward to some prosperity, jobs and new roads. There are many such contrasts: in southern Sudan threatens a new and terrible famine; in Nairobi, he has opened sports car manufacturer Porsche just its first East African Branch. In Northern Nigeria, radical Islamists are terrorizing the population and demand a return to medieval forms of society; Ivory Coast has issued a few weeks ago an international bond amounting to 800 million dollars pays five percent. The paper was eight times oversubscribed. But in Africa nobody waits for the businessmen from America, just like those from Europe. In Africa, there is a normal competition. The Chinese have causes that, and that is a good thing. You can also rephrase it: Africa has emancipated because Africa knows its value. It is quite amazing that the old industrial Nations on the continent rarely appear, while companies from emerging markets make incredible investments in Africa. In Angola, about Brazilian construction companies are big business, Indian companies to invest in agriculture in Ethiopia. The reason for this lies in the perception. Africa is not uniform, where you are can catch all of Ebola and shot in the head, what runs counter to a civilized coexistence. Africa is a continent with more than fifty States, a scarce billion inhabitants and hundreds of languages and cultures. . You can read this web site to discover more about this great subject.

The Islamic fundamentalists of Isis back to threaten the United States. And they do, Western publishing on the net a video where they send a message of death to Americans, promising them to make them drown all in blood. In the video slide pictures of American soldiers in Iraq who are hit by snipers, and those of several U.s. Army vehicles that are blown up. The video clip, chilling and explicit, begins with the hashtag #AmessagefromISIStoUS, from whose days are the Islamic fundamentalists to threaten the us on social networks and that soon became a way to share any type of atrocit. One of the many messages posted warns the United States that militants of Isis are ready to hit the us everywhere. The user @Sunna_rev, in particular, writes: we are in your State, in your city, in your streets. You are our goals everywhere, accompanying the tweet with a photo depicting public buildings in the United States. A lot of crazy responses of solidarity, but also outraged. Some even result in anger and in counter-provocation, including that of @darksecretplace, probably an American soldier, who writes: I have been in your town! And I got to heaven. You liked my work?, Extended data can be inspected checking

Back to school today paid allowance.

Finances are at the drifts and it distributes money to everything – goes. Wonderful! This allocation is an absolute disgrace! It is used for everything except for what it is intended (miscellaneous purchases for parents, laptops, etc,.). Upon arrival, the kids involved come often in class without their base material (full kit) and solicit year-round neighbors or prof for a pencil or a pen. If we really want to help needy families pay their school supplies, there are two possible solutions: either purchase vouchers dedicated specifically to this RADIUS, or impose on all town halls to provide free basic equipment (kit supplied, rule, compasses,.) to families in need, via the school and stop to distribute money bleeds! When Bayrou had decided that the canteen allowance should be paid at once, at the beginning of the year, many children were left without canteen after two months, the parents spent about. Giving money is stupid!. For extended information about this subject visit blog.